The Winback energy guides you:>The conversion of Catherine Ranou, masseur, to Winback

The conversion of Catherine Ranou, masseur, to Winback

Winback, a bonus on her colleagues !

Caroline Rannou, masseur-physiotherapist in Brindas (Rhône 69), has  a Winback equipment since 3 years that she uses daily. Before that she was a bit skeptical on a systematic utilization on each patient, it is now clear that it’s part of 80% of her treatments. Winback is used on cases as inflammations, or simple pains as bruises and of course in lymphatic drainage.

In her cabinet she greets people from every horizon, sportive or not, the common feature being a suffering they have, and that is directly decreased by the device. With all these qualities, Winback is now a good friend of her, it enchanted the practitioner by its novelty and she finds that the technology it has is a real bonus on her fellows.

Before that, she was not that much in physiotherapy, but Winback really converted her. As an example, a sportsman recently operated came to her, with an enormous bruise on his knee. It was 4 times bigger than usual, and completely black. He wished to be back on track as soon as possible. In two sessions the bruise was resorbed and he was able again to bend his knee, even though it used to be really inflexible when he came. A few sessions later he had a regular use of it.

For her, no doubt, Winback is a win-win situation!




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