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Treating the different forms of cervicalgias with Winback

Treating cervicalgias with Winback:




Cervicalgias regroup a variety of pains affecting the eponymous zone. In most of the cases, cervicalgias disappear in the days following its appearance. Nevertheless, it is worth exploring what it reveals from our body mechanisms and to get to know the pathologies that are associated with it.



The types of cervical pains and their triggering factors:


The most known would be a bedding inappropriate for your morphology, its bearing inevitably leading to neck tightness. Violent episodes take the form of a torticollis, a painful contracture of one or several muscles. Stress and anxiety may stretch the muscle, urging the development of cervicalgias.

Traumatic movement may cause damage to ligaments and tendons: we name it cervical sprain. The movements are restricted and the neck is rigid and painful.

Sudden, rapid flexion followed immediately by stretch extension is called whiplash. The most clarifying example is the car crash case.

These are acute and chronic pathologies.

But nowadays, one of the most often pointed out reasons is the use of screens, called text-neck. The persons concerned have an inappropriate use of the entire upper part of the body, weighing on the nape of the neck.

At your workplace, keep your computer monitor at eye level and your back straight. Remember to take a break every two hours and change your position as to make your muscles work differently and not to be permanently strained.

Another cause that occurs naturally with age is cervical spondylosis. Usually linked to osteoarthritis, it is a degeneration of the vertebrae and discs, compressing the spinal cord. It is the most frequent cause of abnormality of the latter age group over 55 years. Damaged bone marrow tissue is more sensitive, and spinal cord compression leads to muscle weakness that can lead in the most severe cases to complete paralysis.

A compressed nerve is also a classic source of cervicalgias, called cervico-brachial neuralgia. Most of the time, it is related to a bone outgrowth (which is often related to cervical osteoarthritis).

Those are chronic pathologies.

More rarely, symptomatic cervical pain come into being when the pain reveals a local or general disease, whether inflammatory, tumoral, infectious, etc.



Symptoms of cervicalgias:


Pain in the neck.

– Stiffness preventing certain movements


–  A need to strech

Vertiginous sensations

–  Feeling of sand in the neck

If you notice persistent tingling in your hands or legs, significant muscle weakness or even regular imbalances, consult a doctor as soon as possible.



Treating cerivcalgias with Winback:


There is no specific drug treatment for cervicalgias pain, painkillers will only rule out the effects without treating the causes. With its analgesic effect, Winback technology can replace them anyway and treat acute pathologies.

The Winback offer will follow the biological process and accelerate and optimize it.  By consulting a health professional equipped with our technology, you sound the knell of your chronic muscular tensions and possible joint disorders. The rehabilitation, twice as fast, is facilitated and the stiffness disappears from the first sessions. Ideal for solving chronic pain, the healthcare professional’s intervention will be perfected with our various devices.

Winback combines the comfort and efficiency you deserve, why should you do without?

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