Winback : A technology acclaimed by the biggest sports teams


Since Winback´s begginings, the technology has had considerable success with National Federations, sports clubs and elite athletes. A recognition that is worth today to be present alongside 100 big sports teams of the whole world ! A number  that continues growing because of the results obtained in recovery, sports performance and acceleration of healing. Discover the complete list of teams and national federations by clicking on the following link: list of 100 sports teams

A considerable success with elite athletes :

Starting with Cheick kongo, legendary boxer, MMA fighter, so far undefeated in it´s heavyweight category, which was treated in France in 2011 for a back problem. An injury that almost cost him his career if he had not been treated by a  physiotherapist with WINBACK technology. Enthusiastic by his healing and convinced cure of the efficiency of the machine, he undertook in 2013, to distribute the brand in the United States.

The beginning of a growing success among elite athletes with big names sport: Charline Picon, Dwayne Cowan, Helene Recevaux, Pierre-Ambroise Bosse, David Ferrer…etc., who adopted it.

The winback spirit : the winning return !