M-A Pellin, basketball player: an easy comeback by our side



The operational mode to Marc-Antoine’s recovery:


After a serious injury to his left knee in 2013, Marc Antoine PELLIN, professional basketball player at Orléans Loiret Basket (pro A), resumed training with matches in August 2014, after a year and a half off.

Serge Krakowiak, physiotherapist of the Orléans Loiret Basket team, gives his opinion:

„With intensive resumption, some muscle and tendon pain appeared. Therefore, I treated Marco with Winback 3S. He immediately felt tecartherapy’s benefits. We had sessions two to three times a week, following trainings, combined with cold baths. What I work on is his hamstrings and the tensor of the fascia lata, essentially in recovery mode. After a few minutes of massage with the capacitive electrode, I rather use the Myback resistive electrode to reach sensitive areas.

This electrode gives me total freedom of movement, and the massage is more focused, especially on tendon insertions around the knee (crow’s feet, fibula head). Then I finish the session with the capacitive electrode. I also use Winback a lot with the other players on the team, whether that’s ankle sprains, tendonitis or simple muscle contractures.”


A parenthesis on Winback modes that Serge talks about:


The MIX mode in TECAR 4.0 focuses Winback’s energy in a single electrode! The superficial tissues are revascularized in only 2 short minutes!

This application is particularly useful to stimulate quickly the tendons of the shoulder curve in the case of retractile capsulitis (read our article about them!).

In the event of tendinopathies (see also our article on these pathologies) either patellar or Achilles’, adhesions are relaxed and vascularization renewed

Thus the healthcare professional’s expertise becomes faster (5 to 10 min on average) and even more efficient!

MyBACK your hand replaces the mobile electrode. Winback energy passes through your hand to infiltrate deeply into the patient’s body. Non-invasive, this technique offers an exceptional touch to the healthcare professional who directly feels the good it brings. A contracture relieved under his hands in seconds… Bluffing!


Discover additionnal Winback innovations:


The RET+ resistive mode reaches a controlled diathermy from the first second. In addition, it provides neuro-nociceptive inhibition using elementary shakings (as in low-frequency currents). RET+ thus creates an immediate analgesia on musculo-skeletal tissues unequalled in the world of tecartherapy.

Its use is eased in TECAR 3.0 thanks to two mobile electrodes. In this mode, the energy is focused into the patient’s body, and no longer in the therapist’s hand. The energy transfer is therefore optimized for the patient. As a therapist, no more chance of overheating your own hands. With this frequency Winback adopts an efficiency strategy that concentrates the whole energy on the targeted tissue with a minimum of waste.


The SWAP system alternates capacitive and resistive emission with an optimal frequency for manual therapy. The patient will directly feel the benefits of both CET and RET modes during the same technique!

Example with the case of muscle tension dissipation: the resistive electrode is applied in relation to the distal tendon termination. The capacitive electrode is placed at the level of the contracture to increase vascularization and local analgesia. The results are spectacular after only 2 or 3 minutes!


We offer the best ratio efficiency/result in tecartherapy treatments


Marco, how do you feel about the Winback treatment?

Marc Antoine PELLIN: „I feel the effects especially the next morning. The small joint pains at the end of training have disappeared, and I no longer feel the muscle contractures. It allows me to train without any problem! »

Tecartherapy combines high-frequency current technology and its cellular stimulation with all his manual and rehabilitation expertise. Thus, the practitioner does not need a pre-programmed tool, as the rest of the market offers. Our equipment has an intuitive technology that adapts to the expert’s working methods.

Winback introduces innovations that make it faster and easier. These new technologies allow us to reach all interested tissues in record time.

You too, profit from the best technology in tecartherapy as part of your rehabilitation with Winback in one of our specialized center!

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