F.Bearez and his sports career as a Winback therapist!

F.Bearez and his sports career as a Winback therapist! . . Athletes, a universe we know perfectly! . The sports world is becoming more and more interested in Winback’s tecartherapy. The reasons for its use are numerous and scientifically proven: simplicity of use, efficiency defying any competition, superior precision, and comfort for the patient from the [...]

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M-A Pellin, basketball player: an easy comeback by our side

M-A Pellin, basketball player: an easy comeback by our side . . The operational mode to Marc-Antoine’s recovery: . After a serious injury to his left knee in 2013, Marc Antoine PELLIN, professional basketball player at Orléans Loiret Basket (pro A), resumed training with matches in August 2014, after a year and a half [...]

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R. Pavet’s epicondilytis is no longer painful using Winback !

R. Pavet's epicondylitis is no longer painful using Winback ! . . Epicondylitis, a disabling tendinopathy . Also known as "tennis elbow", epicondylitis is a painful condition of the elbow. The name is misleading since it concerns people working more often in occupations that require them to overload or to perform repeated and irregular [...]

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Former physio, J-M.Lemarchand, talks about the Winback revolution:

Former physio, J-M.Lemarchand, talks about the Winback revolution: . . The results on capsulitis are immediate: . In the first place, capsulitis could be assimilated to standard bursitis or tendinopathy (in order to identify correctly tendinopathy, check our article), since we find the same type of acute pain during exercise. But as the weeks [...]

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A physiotherapist formed by Winback gives his opinion

A physiotherapist formed by Winback gives his opinion: . . The functional use of Winback’s tecartherapy . Choosing tecartherapy, you immediately get the guarantee of a wide variety of use which will fit in your daily use as a healthcare professional. We received the testimonial of one of our 3.200 equipped specialists that enlightens [...]

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The conjunction of Winback & Cryoback the breaking wave of cryolipolysis

The conjunction of Winback and Cryoback, the breaking wave of cryolipolysis : , , , , Laure Belaribi is KinéSport's coach in Fréjus (France) which is equipped with Winback for 4 years and recently purchased Cryoback. The benefit she gets with these machines relies on the fact that they have a tremendous complementarity. The standard version is [...]

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Accounts : 3 sport physiotherapists explain their experience with Withback

3 sports physiotherapists shares with us their Winback experience : Florent Derail's expectations: Florent Derail, sport physiotherapist since 2009 in Saint Etienne is equipped with a Back3S since December 2013. He uses Winback on sportive pathologies, mostly tendinopathies and myo-aponeurotic lesions (check our article on muscle lesions). What charmed him in Winback is that he [...]

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Interview : Patricia Brizon, beauty coach Winback

Patricia Brizon is a Winback beauty coach, we met her : Patricia chose Winback for the reliability of the equipment, its innovation and evolution. Winback has become known for his results in therapy, for his results in beauty, this is the technique she needed. The big difference with standard radio frequency technologies is the constant [...]

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Testimonial of C.Rognoni, struggling against breast cancer with Winback

C. Rognoni talks to  Winback about her fight against breast cancer: Cécile Rognogni has been a physiotherapist for 20 years, and she uses tecartherapy daily, either in a therapeutically or in aesthethics and post operatively on breast cancer management(see our article on breast cancer). In her opinion, Winback is a practical auxiliary that has [...]

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