The conjunction of Winback & Cryoback the breaking wave of cryolipolysis

The conjunction of Winback and Cryoback, the breaking wave of cryolipolysis : , , , , Laure Belaribi is KinéSport's coach in Fréjus (France) which is equipped with Winback for 4 years and recently purchased Cryoback. The benefit she gets with these machines relies on the fact that they have a tremendous complementarity. The standard version is [...]

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Interview : Patricia Brizon, beauty coach Winback

Patricia Brizon is a Winback beauty coach, we met her : Patricia chose Winback for the reliability of the equipment, its innovation and evolution. Winback has become known for his results in therapy, for his results in beauty, this is the technique she needed. The big difference with standard radio frequency technologies is the constant [...]

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Testimonial of C.Rognoni, struggling against breast cancer with Winback

C. Rognoni talks to  Winback about her fight against breast cancer: Cécile Rognogni has been a physiotherapist for 20 years, and she uses tecartherapy daily, either in a therapeutically or in aesthethics and post operatively on breast cancer management(see our article on breast cancer). In her opinion, Winback is a practical auxiliary that has [...]

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Diastasis recti: how to treat it?

Diastasis recti: how to treat it? Diastasis recti is a condition which affects many women. It generally occurs during pregnancy or after delivery. What is it? The rectus abdominis muscle is a paired muscle located in front of the abdomen, between sternum and pubis. These two muscles are separated by a fibrous web named [...]

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DETOX treatment with Winback

DETOX treatment with Winback A tired body finds it hard to defend itself against external aggressions. Cleansing the liver and emunctories can help the body re-balance. With Winback, you can get rid of fats and toxins and rediscover your strength, vitality and well-being. FROM THE EXPERT Encouraging toxin drainage with Winback " Massaging [...]

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Fibromyalgia: practitioner and patient’s perspectives

Fibromyalgia: practitioner and patient's perspectives TREATMENT The use of Winback technology is of great interest in the treatment of fibromyalgia as it gives access to zones which are otherwise difficult to reach and intensifies the practitioner’s actions. The practitioner can focus on particular zones to give the patient relief. Winback therapy can remove [...]

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Japanese beauticians attended Winback Academy’s beauty workshop in Paris

Japanese beauticians attended Winback Academy’s beauty workshop in Paris On Wednesday 21 and Thursday 22 March 2018, Winback Academy organised a two-day training session dedicated to Beauty and Wellness in its Paris showroom. This training session supervised by physiotherapist Frédéric Delacour and beauty educator Patricia Brizon has gathered 20 beauticians from all around Japan. [...]

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Post breast cancer treatment

Post breast cancer treatment PATIENT EXPERIENCES « I started rehabilitation sessions very soon after my total ablation of the left breast and several lymph nodes (D+10). Treatment with Winback brought me real relief;
 it gave me back full mobility in the shoulder and freed up the lymph cording that was causing the pain [...]

2018-03-19T10:56:33+01:0019 Março, 2018|

High frequency current and post-partum perineal pain

High frequency current and post-partum perineal pain Final dissertation - École universitaire de maïeutique (Midwifery school) Marseille-Méditerranée Université Aix- Marseille - 2017 By Marine Golka, midwife Under the supervision of Florence Bretelle, gynaecology and obstetrics lecturer, Hôpital Nord de Marseille. With the support of Chantal Fabre-Clergue, midwife, contact person who initiated the project. With [...]

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