Testimonial of Giovanna IZZI – right shoulder tendinitis

I have been suffering from tendinitis on my right shoulder for over a year. I had waited 2 months to get an appointment with the rheumatologist, and all he did was prescribe me anti-inflammatories that proved to be of no real benefit.

1 month after that, I had an X-ray and went back to see my rheumatologist. She injected twice without results (unfortunately) Then she prescribed me physiotherapy …Finally…

The physiotherapist suggested a treatment with his new Tecartherapy from WINBACK. I instantly felt better during the session, my pain was significantly reduced.

I believe that if I continue with this therapy I will finally feel less pain with this new treatment.

Giovanna Izzi

The benefits of WINBACK Tecartherapy in tendinopathies

Unquestionably WINBACK Tecartherapy is particularly effective in treating tendinopathies due to the speed of pain relief both at the treatment session and for up to 48 hours afterwards. Tendinopathies are an inflammatory condition associated with extreme pain under movement.

The real benefits of the analgesic effects of WINBACK Tecartherapy apart from the obvious relief in stopping the vicious pain cycle are also in establishing a real confidence with the patient in the treatment modality.

Pain is relieved, free movement is restored and the health care professional can begin to actively mobilise the injured tissues with a gentle warming. Targetted tissues begin to vascularize and a return to full health follows.