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Meaning of a lumbago

Among one of the most frequent back suffering, lumbago is a pain located in the lower part, in the lumbar vertebra area. The cause is often mechanical, but it may also be provoked inflammatory or intestinally.

There are three types of lumbago:

The acute lumbago is from afar it’s the most common; it only lasts for less than a month. Popular knowledge wrongly names it a cricked back.

With duration between one and three months, interspersed with time of respite, it’s a subacute lumbago.

Lastly, a lumbago that lasts more than 3 months, appearing repeatedly or progressively is called a chronic lumbago.

lumbago tecarthérapie

N.B: a chronic lumbago is the most symptomatic indicator of a lumbar arthrosis (refer to our other article on Treatment of arthrosis with Winback)

Reason and origins of lumbagos:

Its causes are really diverse. They can be due to:

  • A contracture of the deep muscle caused by a wrong move or a bad posture
  • Lifting a heavy charge with a bent back
  • A painful lumbar experience leading to a handicap (blunt or intense effort)
  • A muscular weakness leading to an insufficient deportment of the cervical rachis
  • A herniated disc
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • A disease

Nevertheless, it’s primordial to distinguish a common lumbago with a symptomatic one.

In 95% of the cases the lumbago is only common, meaning it doesn’t come from any disease. It’s the first thing your practitioner will check. A surgery operation is scarcely done and would only be considered when every other option gave no results. Most of the time, physiotherapy or osteopathy sessions will be prescribed to reshape the muscle structure and posture, and decompress the painful area, to relief from blockings.

Seldom, lumbago may be an alert to reveal an underlying disease: therefore we name it a symptomatic lumbago. In this situation, you have to see a doctor and follow the course of the treatment proper to the pathology responsible of lumbago.

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The pros of Winback’s tecartherapy in curing lumbago:

Concerning acute lumbago, the use of Winback’s tecartherapy relieves instantly the pain and create an immediate muscular relaxation. Winback makes it easier for the practitioner, simplifying the rallying by a significant respite of pain. In addition, this technology is a brilliant alternative to medications, either anti-inflammatory or myorelaxing (aiming to relax muscles)

Contrary to popular opinion, sedentarity doesn’t solve back problems, but in the opposite, it only makes them worse. You guessed it; the best way to be healed is to continue to move! A treatment using Winback will help you to rediscover your freedom of movement without feeling any pain, allowing you to take regular physical activity up again. Thereby, when you associate Winback’s tecartherapy sessions with a regular sport activity, you’ve got every opportunity by your side to accelerate your healing and to limit the risk of relapse.

Lumbago treatment Winback

About lumbago with herniated disc, Winback’s effect is to decrease the inflammation by improving the vascularization around the intervertebral disc, enabling a faster drainage coupled with analgesic impact.

Lastly, in a chronic arthritic lumbago, Winback release swiftly the accumulated tension in paravertebral muscles and the pressure exerted on vertebras affected by arthrosis.

Accounts of patients

patient lumbago winback

I went to see my physiotherapist with a lumbago coupled to an irradiation of the right buttock as a diagnosis. But in fact, it concealed an underlying issue; a right lombosciatica that have been discovered and treated in only 3 days thanks to Winback’s tecartherapy. Après 3 days of treatment, no more pain! Unbelievably efficient treatment!

‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎David Wuestenberg‎

patient lumbago

Suffering from lumbago, I have been guided to Winback’s tecartherapy. Two sessions of Winback were enough to ease definitely my pain. Before that, I was a bit skeptical. You have to use it to believe it: this machine is a revolution! After that, I relieved a few aches. Every session is a pleasure and source of warmth. I left entirely relieved.  😊

Livia Spiteri

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