Patient testimonials on Winback tecartherapy

Patient testimonials on Winback tecartherapy Winback tecartherapy changed these patients’ lives. Why not yours? Discover Winback tecar therapy technology in one of our 3 200 equipped offices and facilities all over the world! You wish to to make an appointment with your nearest practitioner? Check our map of Winback equipped centers. Sébastien [...]

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Winback changed these patients’ lives!

Winback changed these patients’ lives! Used by the greatest practitioners in the world, Winback’s tecartherapy technology enables to obtain outstanding and quick results. This revolutionary technology, which uses the high-frequency current TECAR, enables in record time to alleviate pain, eliminate tensions, find back great freedom of motion or speed up recovery after exercise or injury. [...]

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Testimonial of Giovanna IZZI – right shoulder tendinitis

Testimonial of Giovanna IZZI - right shoulder tendinitis I have been suffering from tendinitis on my right shoulder for over a year. I had waited 2 months to get an appointment with the rheumatologist, and all he did was prescribe me anti-inflammatories that proved to be of no real benefit. 1 month after that, I had an X-ray and went back to see my [...]

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Carpe and metacarpian bone bruises

Mélanie De Luca I accompanied my husband who had a work accident (hand taken in a press), he has bruises on his carp and metacapians bones. Today, he is doing his first physiotherapy session after a week of immobilization. It is proposed to him a Tecartherapy Winback treatment. He feels a release of the movement [...]

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Center Paramount Health and Rehab of Bruges’s Testimony

THE PARAMOUNT HEALTH AND REHAB EXPLAINS HIS INTEREST FOR THE WINBACK TECARTHERAPY Now, it is the time for Belgium to share his experience with the utilisation of the WINBACK thecartherapy: Our specialisation is principally in the osteopathic technical and the manual therapy for spine’s troubles, sports injuries and réathlétisation. We use the Winback therapy with [...]

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