Celebrating 5 years of Winback!

Founded in 2013 by Christophe Buee in France, Winback is the French tecartherapy specialist. Today, the company celebrates its 5th anniversary. 5 years of innovation, expertise, sharing and customer satisfaction.

Since its creation, Winback never ceased to break new ground and meet the highest standards in terms of quality and R&D to always stay one step ahead.

However, our success is also yours. Our technology would be nothing without your skills, your professionalism and your ongoing dedication to bring the best possible results for your patients. That is why we would like to thank you for your valuable support.

Always higher and further

From its headquarters in Southern France’s Villeneuve-Loubet, Winback set out to conquer the globe with the strong determination to provide the very best in treatments.

Nothing but an international group, Winback settled in 35 countries and comes in 20 different languages. After becoming a staple on the European market, the company carried on its expansion by reaching out to Asia and North America.

With Winback Go East, launched on 21 November 2017, with headquarters located in Wonju, South Korea, Winback took the Asian market by storm, most notably in Korea, Japan and Philippines.

In 2018, Winback arrived on the American continent: Winback Go West marks its foray into the US and Canadian markets.

Winback is an ever-growing group, as evidenced by the exponential growth of its turnover, which increased fourfold in only 4 years!

Endorsed by sportsmen and therapists

Winback has managed to forge a special bond with the world of sports. It is the medical partner of 115 sports teams and associations all around the world. For instance, in France, almost all major football (OL, OGC Nice, FC Lorient, FC Bordeaux, Nîmes Olympique, FC Rennes, RC Lens) and rugby (Stade Toulousain, Biarritz Olympique, RCT, UBB, Oyonnax Rugby) teams resort to Winback tecartherapy!

Winback is also praised by therapists and scientists with:

– 45 scientific studies
– 300 treatment protocols
– 1 700 connected practicians
– 3 200 centres equipped with Winback all over the world
– 5 000 therapists trained to Winback tecartherapy
– 35 000 Winback treatments performed every day all over the world

An academy to train tomorrow’s therapists

With the Winback Academy, Winback organises training workshops spanning the whole globe. It draws together an active community of experts of all kinds (physiotherapists, osteopaths, beauticians, midwives etc.), sharing their knowledge and know-how with future practicians.

This academy provides protocols, support, theoretical courses and practical workshops to meet all the therapist’s needs. Its goal is also to develop a worldwide professional trainer network.

Discover Winback Academy in a nutshell:
– 5 000 trained therapists
– 1 900 connected experts all over the world
– 60 000 likes on Facebook
– 300 treatment protocols
– 35 000 Winback treatments performed every day all over the world
And a vast number of training areas: Physio, Sport, beauty, urogynecology, well-being, cryolipolysis…

Last but not least, Winback Academy encapsulates a Facebook private group with more than 1950 members named Winback Academy PHYSIO – SPORT. Our experts put their knowledge at your disposal to answer all of your questions. Please feel free to join!