Ski training: get the best physical preparation with Winback

Looking forward to winter sports? Before skiing at full speed, make sure to take some precautions. Indeed, going to your favourite ski resort without any physical preparation will only cause muscle fatigue and increase risks of injuries and aches, especially if you haven’t hit the slopes for a while. Keep in mind that skiing is a complete sport that requires both stamina, muscle strength, balance and coordination. Thus, at least 5 weeks before your ski holidays, we recommend you to do some physical exercises that will get your heart pumping.

By completing your workout program with tecartherapy sessions, you will improve both your stamina and your explosive power once on the ski run thanks to improved cellular exchanges. Totally non-invasive and 100% natural, the Winback energy will reduce the required recovery time. You will be able to train more so as to prepare yourself in the best possible way. Impressed by the excellent results obtained thanks to its tecartherapy technology, the French Federation of Ski signed a partnership with Winback and chose it to equip its sports complex, Albertville’s Ski and snowboard national centre.

Feel free to follow a complete workout program with and without the Winback energy. You will definitely notice the difference.