Accounts : 3 sport physiotherapists explain their experience with Withback

2018-07-30T08:38:11+01:0025 iulie, 2018|

3 sports physiotherapists shares with us their Winback experience : Florent Derail's expectations: Florent Derail, sport physiotherapist since 2009 in Saint Etienne is equipped with a Back3S since December 2013. He uses Winback on sportive pathologies, mostly tendinopathies and myo-aponeurotic lesions (check our article on muscle lesions). What charmed him in Winback is that he [...]

Interview : Patricia Brizon, beauty coach Winback

2018-07-27T10:37:05+01:0025 iulie, 2018|

Patricia Brizon is a Winback beauty coach, we met her : Patricia chose Winback for the reliability of the equipment, its innovation and evolution. Winback has become known for his results in therapy, for his results in beauty, this is the technique she needed. The big difference with standard radio frequency technologies is the constant [...]

Testimonial of C.Rognoni, struggling against breast cancer with Winback

2018-07-27T10:35:59+01:0025 iulie, 2018|

C. Rognoni talks to  Winback about her fight against breast cancer: Cécile Rognogni has been a physiotherapist for 20 years, and she uses tecartherapy daily, either in a therapeutically or in aesthethics and post operatively on breast cancer management(see our article on breast cancer). In her opinion, Winback is a practical auxiliary that has [...]

Treatment of muscle lesions (myo-aponeurotic lesions) with Winback

2018-08-16T11:47:07+01:0024 iulie, 2018|

Treatment of muscle lesions (myo-aponeurotic lesions) with Winback Search the closest practitioner Assembling traditionally elongations, straining and tears, the meaning of muscle lesions evolved through years thanks to MRI. Nowadays, muscle lesion isn’t necessarily linked with a tearing but can be constituted by a detachment of the [...]

Patient testimonials on Winback tecartherapy

2018-07-17T15:35:45+01:0028 iunie, 2018|

Patient testimonials on Winback tecartherapy Winback tecartherapy changed these patients’ lives. Why not yours? Discover Winback tecar therapy technology in one of our 3 200 equipped offices and facilities all over the world! You wish to to make an appointment with your nearest practitioner? Check our map of Winback equipped centers. Sébastien [...]

Winback changed these patients’ lives!

2018-07-02T15:17:42+01:0020 iunie, 2018|

Winback changed these patients’ lives! Used by the greatest practitioners in the world, Winback’s tecartherapy technology enables to obtain outstanding and quick results. This revolutionary technology, which uses the high-frequency current TECAR, enables in record time to alleviate pain, eliminate tensions, find back great freedom of motion or speed up recovery after exercise or injury. [...]

Recovery after exercise: Winback / Winshock complementarity

2018-08-16T11:28:28+01:0019 iunie, 2018|

Recovery after exercise: Winback / Winshock complementarity To help sportsmen and top athletes recover after exercise or injury, practitioners can either carry out a recovery massage or resort to hands free recovery, according to their will and available time. Regardless of the chosen technique, they may interchangeably use either Winback or Winshock to meet [...]

Diastasis recti: how to treat it?

2018-08-16T13:37:35+01:0031 mai, 2018|

Diastasis recti: how to treat it? Diastasis recti is a condition which affects many women. It generally occurs during pregnancy or after delivery. What is it? The rectus abdominis muscle is a paired muscle located in front of the abdomen, between sternum and pubis. These two muscles are separated by a fibrous web named [...]

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