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Sébastien Bouchez, patient of Michaël Stassin, physiotherapist in Frameries (Belgium)Source
I want to share my experience with you. I’m addicted to running for a few years now and I train 3 times a week.

The day after my last training on the 24 April 2018, I couldn’t manage to put my foot on the floor anymore. Then after a few days of trying all kinds of anti-inflammatory drugs and creams with no effect at all, I decided to have tests and then the verdict was rendered: tendinitis of tibialis anterior and extensor digitorum brevis muscles.

After 2 or 3 Winback tecartherapy sessions, I was able to walk with much less pain. Looking extremely forward to run again, I made a first attempt on the 9 May but I couldn’t run more than 20 minutes.

On the 11 May 2018, I have been treated with Winback’s new Fascia tool (as seen on the video above). The next day, there was an official running race. I told myself I would run 1 or 2 km then walk for the rest of the race in order to be ranked and to get some points for the challenge.

But for every kilometer I ran, I was stunned not to feel any pain anymore! I was thus able to resume training.
Thanks to Winback tecartherapy and to its Fascia Connected Pack but first of all, thanks to my physiotherapist who expertly applies this technique.

‎‎‎‎‎‎‎Marc-Antoine Pellin, basketball player for Orléans Loiret Basket (pro A), patient of Serge Krakowiak, physiotherapist of the team and sports physiotherapist in Paris (France)Source
As far as I’m concerned, I feel the effects the morning after. Small joint pain experienced at the end of workout has disappeared. And I don’t feel muscle contractures anymore. It enables me to carry out workouts with no problem at all!

Dominique, patient of Cécile Rognoni, physiotherapist in Tourves (France)Source
What is useful about that device is that everything is hand work. Massages and all that stuff are good but not as deep whereas with that device, it’s great. Everyday, she massages my arm, she applies some cold cream on me and all that. That is beneficial. I can raise my arm as I want, I do this just like everyone else.

Before going to my physiotherapist, I experienced enormous amounts of pain in my arms, in my shoulders, everywhere. Now I’m good, it’s all gone. But for now, I still have sessions to attend for a little while since after shoulders comes lung, so I need to work on everything at the moment. At least, I’ve been lucky. Now I almost don’t think about it anymore. When I think about efforts that have been made in the last four months, I don’t feel quite as much pain as before so I think about something else, I think more about the future. Because when something like that happens to you, first lung then breast within only 6 months, you haven’t heard about all that so you withdraw within yourself. But here, you cannot withdraw within yourself because they look after us so much, they are so kind so we don’t need to do that.

I do a lot of sport to try to reshape my body because it has been significantly damaged. And since there is a good atmosphere, it helps a lot morally. Also, as there are many patients, we realize it’s not only us, so it’s ideal! It’s been 4 months that I’ve been coming here and I feel very very good now.

Jean-Michel Saulx, patient of Michaël Stassin, physiotherapist in Frameries (Belgium)Source
I really want to share the surprising experience that I’ve lived with Winback tecartherapy. It had been more than a year that I suffered from a pain in the external upper surface of my right foot. The reason: my job (vegetable farmer), which requires to work in a standing position, as well as sports that I play (running and tennis). This pain gradually developed and I thought I was doing the right thing by taking anti-inflammatory medication that allowed me not to feel the pain anymore. Some customers told me about tecartherapy, its benefits and its local practitioner, physiotherapist Michael Stassin. And then… what a surprise! All it needed was ONLY ONE TECARTHERAPY SESSION to end the pain for good and to enable me to resume sport activities the very next day. Honestly… there is no need to wait if you are suffering! Call for a therapist who uses this treatment technique.

Quentin Dieu, patient of Michaël Stassin, physiotherapist in Frameries (Belgium)Source
After a double sprain which occurred last December, I started my rehabilitation with a standard treatment but at the proprioception stage, there was a pain which prevented me from making progress in my workout. We have thus tried Winback tecartherapy. Although I felt nothing, the pain almost faded away! How surprising! I recommend it!

‎‎Valentine A., Winback Beauty patient in Paris
Why do I love Winback Beauty?

For the feeling: each session is a moment of relaxation, the application protocol is extremely pleasant and relaxing for the face, most notably the heating manual massage.

For the result: the visual effect is immediate, the complexion is bright and fresh, the face’s features are relaxed, the skin texture is smoothened. After each session, I systematically get compliments for my skin radiance!

For the time/results ratio: one session lasts between 20 and 30 minutes and gives an immediate mind-blowing visual effect. All I need is a little bit of face powder and I’m ready to go back to work!

I love the idea that it is a method that makes my skin intelligent. My skin becomes its own rejuvenating cream by making its own collagen and elastin. With WINBACK, my beauty really comes from within!

‎‎‎‎‎‎‎ Aline VDB, victim of a serious car accident, patient of Michaël Stassin, physiotherapist in Frameries (Belgium)Source
On July the 6th, I had a serious car accident. My injuries were very important and doctors spent nearly 8 hours to save my life. Other than many internal injuries of the lungs, liver and spleen, I had several important fractures. My leg, forearm and elbow all needed a surgical operation. After 10 days, I was able to leave intensive care. After 1 month, I was able to leave the hospital to begin home care.

From there, I was looked after by my physical therapist who happened to use Winback tecar therapy. During the first week, I couldn’t even remain seated more than 10 minutes. My back was too weak. After the accident, I had lost around 10 kg / 22 lbs (I went from 62 to 52 kg / 137 to 115 lbs). We thus immediately started to work on scar tissue and swollen joints. I was motivated because I saw progress being made right from the first sessions and because the treatment wasn’t painful. The back massage with Winback technology is the part of the therapy I enjoyed the most. The deep heat enabled to remove my back pain for hours and it did me good.

Little by little, my elbow and shoulder mobility improved. On August the 20th, we started using Winback tecartherapy for my whole treatment. Dazzling progress was being made. I thus became aware that I was able to reach my goal of resuming classes by mid-September.
On September the 16th, I visited my orthopedic surgeon. He was really surprised to see me coming to his office by walking without any help. X-ray analysis showed that my latest pain and lack of suppleness were due to pieces of iron still present in my body. A surgical operation in a few months will be held to remove them.

So I started my 2nd year of nursing school and started at the same time a full-time job in a hospital in Antwerp by the end of September.

I couldn’t believe my physical therapist when he promised me that I would get back on track within 6 weeks, but we worked relentlessly and managed to reach this goal. Now I am back!

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Valérie B., patient of Caroline Rannou, physiotherapist in Brindas (France)Source
When I was 14 year-old, I underwent two big surgeries in a row. It was an emergency situation. As a result, I had scars with strong harshnesses, very noticeable and painful. This therapy enabled me within 5 sessions not only to make scars supple but also to alleviate my lower abdomen pain. Today, I feel much better both in my own clothes and in my own mind since I always had the weight of those scars rooted in my head as well as everything it meant in terms of pain.

I started Winback tecar therapy around a month ago and the effects have been immediate. First of all, on a visual standpoint but also when it comes to feeling then secondly, after 3 sessions, I started feeling deep effects and pain faded away. Today, whether it is in regard to pain or harshnesses, things have been well resorbed.

Laurent Cusse, patient of Michaël Stassin, physiotherapist in Frameries (Belgium)Source
I suffered from a Achilles right-tendon tendinitis for several weeks. I thought the pain would fade away by itself. The contrary happened, as the situation grew worse to the point where I couldn’t even put my foot on the ground and was thus unable to move.

Having a physical therapy prescription at hand, my regular doctor recommended me to consult Michaël Stassin, the latter who, after a very careful examination, suggested me to start a tecar therapy treatment with his Winback device.

I will never stress enough the efficiency of this treatment since, after 9 sessions, I knew how to walk again in the most ordinary way. I thus recommend you, regardless of your condition, to look for a therapist in possession of this new Winback tecartherapy technology, which is an innovation to help people heal quickly which blends a low number of sessions and cost with a maximum efficiency to reduce pain.

Julian Poliart, patient of Michaël Stassin, physiotherapist in Frameries (Belgium)Source
5 months ago, I fell 3 meters, resulting in a left tibial pilon fracture. When rehabilitation started, my foot was very numb after 2 months of immobilization and the placing of osteosynthesis material. Fortunately, I could benefit from tecar therapy to recover all of my foot’s movements without pain. If there was visible progress regarding my foot rehabilitation, another sequela of my fall arose increasingly: a right-shoulder pain which extended up to the arm. To relieve this pain, my physical therapist suggested me to try Winback tecartherapy. During this session, I immediately experienced a relief and a lightness in this arm, thanks to my physical therapist’s massage but also thanks to the TECAR high-frequency currents. Within only one session, pain went from 7 to 4 out of 10 but most of all, I got a better range of motion.

‎‎‎‎‎Bruno, client of the Centre Palmer, in Entressen (France)Source
Thanks to WINBACK, I was able to notice a reduction of my wrinkles, most notably of my nasogenian deep wrinkles. My chin is significantly less rough. My friends noticed that my skin became nicer (with tightened pores) and that it gave me a radiant effect. Now, I come here once a month for maintenance.

Alexandra, 45, bus driver and patient of Michaël Stassin, physiotherapist in Frameries (Belgium)Source
After 3 weeks of unbearable pain, I got the “good” idea to try a massage chair in a “home economics trade fair” and then my head was totally locked. I went to a hospital’s emergency room and in addition to medicine, I had to wear a neck orthosis day and night, which, according to a neurologist that I consulted a few days later, only made things worse.

This neurologist prescribed me 16 physical therapy sessions. I thus went to my physical therapist Michaël Stassin who suggested me to try Winback tecar therapy. Frankly, Mika’s know-how coupled with this device did magic.

After 2 sessions, I was completely unblocked and after 3 sessions, I did not feel any pain anymore. I was able to say goodbye to medicine and to the 16 sessions previously planned. Honestly, I wouldn’t write this testimonial if I weren’t 100% convinced. Thanks to Mika for his interest in this technique. I hope many physical therapists will acquire it!

Jérémy T., patient of Sophie Paris, physiotherapist in Bordeaux (France)Source
I discovered Winback tecartherapy further to muscle traumas in January 2016 with hamstring injury. This process has been implemented on me during 3 sessions and enabled me to recover very quickly. In 2017, I came back to my physical therapist’s office for calf trauma, a muscle torn on May 1st, so I attended 5 Winback sessions. Three months after that, I manage to jump and run, so it’s rather positive. The electrical impulsion transmitted by Winback irradiated the whole painful limb and one leaves a Winback session completely relaxed and with the feeling not to be suffering from any kind of trauma anymore. This is quite astonishing! We really feel that we can rely on a therapy which speeds up muscle regeneration and fixes everything that’s been broken. And a lot of things have been broken during the last two years! Each time, results have been beyond my expectations with a quite unbelievable recovery and muscle mobilization time.

‎Julie De Foor, patient of Michaël Stassin, physiotherapist in Frameries (Belgium)Source
Following a fall that occurred on 09.25.2017, I couldn’t manage to bend my knee, to stand up and I experienced unbearable pain. Several examinations carried out highlighted torn ligaments with likely meniscus damage. While waiting for my second appointment with my orthopedist, who will specify the diagnosis as well as its care, conservative management has been established, including physical therapy.

After several manipulations, massages and exercises to win back stability, we have used Winback tecartherapy treatment. Here are the results of the second session on 10.11.2017:

– Better range of motion
– Significant reduction of pain
– Progressive return to knee stability

I look forward to my next Winback Tecar session!

‎Charline Picon, France’s windsurfing Olympic gold medallistSource
My boyfriend, who happens to be a physical therapist, uses WINBACK to lift my contractures. And as far as manual therapy is concerned, if he wants to unlock a vertebra, he works a little on muscles with CET and then, at the same time that he mobilizes with RET…

The heating effect is pleasant and really helps to make spasms go away. Afterwards, I didn’t feel the need to use it for inflammations or wound healing, which is rather a good sign!!!

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‎‎Mathieu Figaroli, patient of Michaël Stassin, physiotherapist in Frameries (Belgium)Source
For the last 6 months, I experienced pain at the front and on both sides of my neck. I felt electrical shock during each movement.
This led to non-restorative sleep and shooting pain.

By the beginning of August, my regular doctor prescribed me physical therapy sessions. My physical therapist, Michaël Stassin, immediately suggested me a Winback tecartherapy treatment. Right from the first session, pain had decreased by half and after 3 sessions, pain had completely faded away.

I strongly recommend Winback tecartherapy. Don’t wait until you suffer because if this therapy is the solution to your problem, results will be quick.

‎‎Roxane Pavet, patient of Michaël Stassin, physiotherapist in Frameries (Belgium)Source
Since mid-June, I suffered from my left elbow. By the beginning of July, the pain becoming unbearable, I went to the emergency room and was put in plaster for 10 days, with the diagnosis being epicondylitis.

When the plaster was removed, the orthopedic surgeon prescribed me physical therapy sessions and shock waves and infiltrations were already planned.

I got in touch with my physical therapist, Michaël Stassin, to start my sessions as soon as possible. He immediately suggested me a Winback tecar therapy treatment.

Right from the first session, I feel a real relief and after 5 treatment sessions, at the rate of 2 per week, I didn’t feel any pain anymore. I enthusiastically recommend tecartherapy and thank Mika for his pieces of advice.

‎‎‎Léopold Motte, patient of Michaël Stassin, physiotherapist in Frameries (Belgium)Source
I am a bus driver and considering my job, I had now and again left-foot problems. The heavy use of the clutch pedal caused toe stiffness and pain in my calf and thigh. I already followed several treatments which were often painful and little to no efficient at all.
I’ve been directed towards physical therapist Michaël Stassin who healed me with the Winback tecartherapy method.
After one session, I experienced great relief and after 3 sessions, I was healed. Thank you very much Mika!

‎‎‎Axelle Laurent, patient of Michaël Stassin, physiotherapist in Frameries (Belgium)Source
After a ski accident, I had a knee operation due to a ACL ligament repair. Before my operation, I already had carried out 18 physical therapy sessions in order to restore my knee’s maximum abilities. After my operation, I stayed 3 weeks at home without moving while following 2 physio sessions per week.

Later, I was able to go to Mika’s office and to be treated with this “magic” device: WINBACK. Right from my first session, I felt the difference. Before that, I could not thoroughly stretch nor bend my leg and on top of that, I walked with a limp. After 5 sessions, I had won back my range of motion and I managed to walk normally. Winback did me so much good and I wanted to share my experience.

‎‎‎Giovanna Izzi, patient of Michaël Stassin, physiotherapist in Frameries (Belgium)Source
It had been almost a year that I suffered from right-shoulder tendinitis. I had to wait two months to obtain an appointment with a rheumatologist, the latter who prescribed me effectless anti-inflammatory drugs.

Then a month later, I had a X-ray + scanner, waited for the results and came back to visit her a month later. She did to me a first infiltration that relieved me a little and a month later, a second one with no effect at all (unfortunately). Afterwards, she prescribed me physical therapy sessions… At last! The physical therapist suggested me to try a treatment with his new technique: Winback tecartherapy. The effects were immediate during the session: no pulling sensation anymore, much less pain and sustainably so. So I think that if I go on with this therapy, I may be finally delivered from all of this with a lot of comfort.

‎‎Laurent Mestressat-Cassou, patient of Michaël Stassin, physiotherapist in Frameries (Belgium)Source
3 months ago, I had a frontal car accident and I went through with contusions all over the place. I am a heavy plant driver and oddly enough, I only started suffering from cervical pain a month later when I resumed my job.

One would be led to think that shocks caused by bulldozer driving have woken up what did not seem to present any problem.
My regular doctor suggested me to go and see Michaël Stassin to be treated by Winback tecartherapy. Right from the first session, I felt a real relief… I thus went on with my sessions at the rate of 2 or 3 per week and I stopped taking painkillers and even anti-inflammatory drugs because of the discomfort they caused to me.

I sent my testimonial to Mika since I wished to share my experience and recommend this miraculous technique: Winback tecartherapy! A big thank to Mika for your pieces of advice and your know-how.

‎‎Dwayne Conan, bronze medallist at the World Championships in Athletics
In the course of London’s World Championships in Athletics, I benefitted from a series of treatments using Winback tecar therapy by Andre Olivera. Andre did an excellent job by helping me to recover and be able to take part in races again and then to win the World’s bronze medal with my fellow teammates from England’s team. A big thank to Andre and to the WINBACK UK team!

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‎‎‎Maryline Hoyaux, patient of Michaël Stassin, physiotherapist in Frameries (Belgium)Source
Here I am: I just finished 6 sessions including 3 with Winback, mainly to treat a trapeziometacarpal osteoarthritis of the thumb and a heaviness in my arm. Currently, my arm has completely recovered its mobility. At thumb level, a pain initially deemed a 10 eventually fell down to 2-3… Let’s not forget it’s still arthritis… As far as I’m concerned, the result is not insignificant with regard to my job and so on… Thank you Mika!

‎‎‎Georgette Renard, patient of Michaël Stassin, physiotherapist in Frameries (Belgium)Source
On May 18 2017, I underwent left-knee surgery in order to place a prosthesis. When I left the hospital, I chose a physical therapist to help me make my rehabilitation go smoother. After a few sessions, the latter praised the benefits of the Winback method and suggested me to try it as the results were surprising.

Although I had my doubts, I trusted him and accepted to try it. Right from the first session, I was more relaxed than during some other treatments and I already noticed some small changes. This method did me so much good. I already found back some suppleness and lightness in my operated knee. Pain was still there but was already slightly alleviated. The change was stunning right after only one session. I was forced to admit that my physio didn’t tell me fibs. Since then, other sessions took place and my knee still evolved favorably. Ranges in extension and flexion, which are so painful to recover, improved session after session. Gradually, I found back my ability to do some movements.

This is really a fantastic and beneficial treatment. You have to try it to believe in its very quick results. You don’t need to follow many sessions to notice the progress and be convinced of its efficiency. Last but not least, please let me give you one piece of advice: if one day you suffer from quite acute pain and your physical therapist suggests you to try this Winback method, don’t hesitate for one second! Let yourself go and discover for yourself, as I did, all its benefits.

‎‎‎François Carlotta, patient of Michaël Stassin, physiotherapist in Frameries (Belgium)Source
During a home incident, my hand has been crushed, more particularly between the third and little fingers at metacarpus level. This event goes back to 2 years and a shooting pain persisted, even when I let my hand at rest. A WINBACK TECAR treatment was suggested to me by my regular doctor. I just followed my first session. After 24 hours, pain had been strongly alleviated… Surprising and to be recommended… (even though I didn’t believe it at first…) I look forward to my next sessions to be freed of this pain once and for all!

‎‎‎Sandrine Vanroyen, patient of Michaël Stassin, physiotherapist in Frameries (Belgium)Source
I suffer from a right-foot Achilles tendon tendinitis for nearly 5 weeks. Knowing Michaël’s professionalism and having witnessed the results on his patients, I followed my first session of Winback Tecar therapy. Impressive! The new day, I found back a painless mobility of my foot, with almost no pain at all. I strongly recommend this new technique!

‎‎‎‎‎Steve Bourlard Chantal, patient of Michaël Stassin, physiotherapist in Frameries (Belgium)Source
I called last Thursday for an appointment and I followed my first session that very day!! I am being treated by Mika for my torn right-thigh semitendinosus muscle. I just followed my first Winback tecartherapy session. Once the session over, I already experienced the benefits… It was easier for me to walk, I experienced more suppleness… and a well-being sensation!!! I really recommend this method.

‎‎‎‎‎‎Catherine, patient of Fabienne Malige, physiotherapist in Nancy (France)Source
I started rehabilitation sessions very quickly after the total removal of my left breast and many lymph nodes. Winback care brought me a real relief ; it enabled me to find back the total mobility of my shoulder, to free my medullary cords, which were the cause of my pain, and to eliminate the sensation of heaviness in my left upper limb. This twice-a-week care was very pleasant and helpful.

‎‎‎‎‎‎Déborah Geoffrey, patient of Michaël Stassin, physiotherapist in Frameries (Belgium)Source
I’m 35 year-old and I decided to resume sport after giving birth to 3 children. Since I am 13, I suffer from a double scoliosis. Fortunately, I’ve been very well treated. Here, I started fitness, my goal is to take part in a bikini contest. I often feel the nape of my neck and my low back blocked. I already have tried this fabulous device twice and within only one session, the result was incredible.

The following days, I didn’t feel any pain anymore and I was able to resume a normal life. Try it and you will love it! Every time I go and visit Michaël Stassin, all I ask is the Winback!

‎‎‎‎‎‎‎Mélanie De Luca, the wife of a patient of Michaël Stassin, physiotherapist in Frameries (Belgium)Source
I’m going with my husband who, following a work accident (hand caught in a press), has carpal and metacarpal bone contusions. Today he follows his 1st physical therapy session after a week of immobilization.

A Winback tecartherapy treatment has been suggested to him. He feels his movements released “like a cable stuck in a sheath which just freed itself”. In the course of the treatment, his fingers can move more easily because there is less pain. What is left is simply a sensation of hindrance.

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‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎Ferdinand Roxane, patient of Michaël Stassin, physiotherapist in Frameries (Belgium)Source
I consulted my doctor for the umpteenth time because of my bilateral trochanteritis which turned my nights into nightmares! She already had suggested to me many solutions which, unfortunately, didn’t bring any improvement.

Pain started first at the left hip, I was 40. Then 2 or 3 years later, at the right hip as well. Now I am 47 and I had been longing so much for the day where I would get rid of it after so many years!!!

This time, my doctor prescribed me physical therapy sessions and talked to me about a quite recent treatment: Winback tecartherapy. She promised me that it was painless and that it gave good results. Well, now I have no more doubts! 16 sessions in and I finally sleep like a baby! Very quickly, I noticed a great improvement but I still had doubts about the results when I stopped the sessions… Now it’s been a few weeks that I still feel no pain! It’s quite a miracle as I didn’t expect this anymore.

‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎Béatrice Jorio, patient of Michaël Stassin, physiotherapist in Frameries (Belgium)Source
Recently, I underwent right-elbow epicondylitis surgery. 9 physical therapy sessions have been prescribed to me. Thanks to Winback’s TECAR therapy technique, only 3 sessions were enough to obtain almost total extension of my arm… And this is the case without any pain! After 9 sessions, my elbow had recovered its whole mobility.

‎‎‎‎‎‎Dynaste Kabemba, football player, patient of Michaël Stassin, physiotherapist in Frameries (Belgium)Source
I play at the Mons RAQM football club. My right knee had been hit during a football match on artificial turf. I underwent ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) surgery on December the 31st 2015. I followed physical therapy sessions during 6 months and I was able to resume my football playing. Yet when I trained in my club, I always felt a pain (some kind of spike) at the end of my movements which prevented me from getting back my level!

Some searches over the Internet led me to take an interest in Winback Tecar therapy! The testimonials highlighted a quicker post-op recovery, a better motion range as well as a painkilling effect. Yesterday afternoon, I followed my first session and I can confirm the efficiency of this tecartherapy technology… MIRACULOUS!

‎‎‎‎‎‎Marie-France, patient of Fabienne Malige, physiotherapist in Nancy (France)Source
After the emerging of a lymphocele around the scar resulting from my right breast removal surgery which led to a bad scar tissue remodeling, I was prescribed rehabilitation sessions by way of scar treatment to gear up reconstruction.

A reconstruction in many steps with a liposuction combined with the implementation of a prosthesis. The liposuction has been traumatic with enormous hematomas. I was drained with the Winback device at a distance from hematomas, which enabled to make them go away. This is fantastic since I couldn’t find position to sleep anymore.

‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎Nathalie Verbist, patient of Michaël Stassin, physiotherapist in Frameries (Belgium)Source
After an ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) plastic surgery and a meniscectomy, I started my rehabilitation sessions. I went to the physical therapist Michaël Stassin! A quality physio. You can trust him.

He suggested me the Winback T.E.C.A.R method, an outstanding treatment! Right from the first session, I felt the positive effect. I had been instantly relieved, this device is miraculous. Thank you Michaël for using state-of-the-art equipment and suggesting me to try the Winback T.E.C.A.R technique, so smooth yet so efficient.

‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎Endy Miyem, basketball player, patient of Pascal Gohier, sport physiotherapist of France’s woman’s basketball teamSource
Indeed, I felt the effects, it really helped me. Right after, the pain was alleviated. As result, I was easier on simple movements such as walk.

‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎Ugo Zanon, patient of Michaël Stassin, physiotherapist in Frameries (Belgium)Source
Following a work accident (I am a sports teacher), I had to undergo knee mosaic plastic surgery. During my rehabilitation, my physio, Michaël Stassin, used Winback tecartherapy, which proved to be very efficient. Yet following my troubles to properly rest on, I also developed a loss of mobility at ankle level which was accompanied by strong foot and ankle pain.

This morning, my physio thus suggested me to use tecar therapy to relieve this new pain which appeared less than a week ago and which prevents me from healthily pursuing my knee rehabilitation.

Results: the pain is greatly relieved (on a pain scale ranging from 1 to 10, I went from 8 to 2) and my freedom of movements increased significantly. This device really does miracles. Thank you Mika!

‎‎‎‎‎Marie, patient of Cécile Rognoni, physiotherapist in Tourves (France)Source
It brings me well-being and I get along with her very well. So it’s feeling good that the work that she’s doing yields results, it’s always great. Actually, I am less under the impression that one focuses on my arm as it is something noticeable so when my hand swells, I always am under the impression that all eyes are on my hand whereas it is not necessarily true. Consequently, it brings me well-being, day-to-day well-being.

Cécile is a little bit like my confidante. My physiotherapist is my confidante. When something goes wrong, I tell her and then she tries to find a solution. Last December, when my arm doubled in size, I was in the doldrums. Then we worked, worked and worked on the arm and after 3 months, we achieved results.

‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎Patrizia Coco, patient of Michaël Stassin, physiotherapist in Frameries (Belgium)Source
Here is the story between Winback, my physio and myself.

It started 3 weeks ago with strong pain in my low back. Being a nurse, pain increased to the point that it was difficult for me to walk and take care of my patients. Several examinations were planned (bones are doing fine but not muscles) as well as some analgesic physical therapy sessions. I was not that convinced but I was suggested to follow a few tecar therapy sessions.

Well, right from the first massage session, I could feel an incredible unknotting, thanks to the technology as well as to the know-how of my physio. The heat of this device crosses the skin barrier and gradually settles on each painful spot. You then experience a « well-being pain ». Although still hurting, my back was able to relax.

This Monday, I followed my 2nd session, in emergency, following an incident. My back starts to live a new life… and myself too!!! Each knot is unknotted, each sharp pain is soothed, pain loses its intensity little by little… I still have a few sessions to enjoy this week, which will be undoubtedly very beneficial to me. Honestly, if you try Winback, you’ll love it!

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‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎Fabien Cornet, patient of Michaël Stassin, physiotherapist in Frameries (Belgium)Source
Suffering from epicondylitis and deep medial epicondylitis (golfer’s elbow), I was taken care of by my physical therapist, Michaël Stassin, who treated me with Winback tecartherapy. After 3 or 4 sessions, pain was already lowered. Now, after only 12 sessions, pain completely faded away.

‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎Ugo Zanon, patient of Michaël Stassin, physiotherapist in Frameries (Belgium)Source
Thank you Michaël Stassin for this session with his exceptionally efficient device that is Winback tecar therapy and this 3.0 technique.

I arrived this morning with a heavy and painful leg with little possible flexion. After that session, pain disappeared, my motion range significantly increased and I noticed a great progression in my rehabilitation.

I took a big step today thanks to your care and know-how. I could barely get on my bike before that and here I am free wheeling after only a few minutes. Thanks for immortalizing this landmark moment, which was really important for my rehabilitation.

‎‎‎‎‎Muriel, client of the Centre Palmer in Entressen (France)Source
Right from my first sessions with WINBACK, I noticed an improvement of my skin texture, tightened pores, a fresh and pure skin with a healthy glow. The radiance boost effect of Winback’s skincare didn’t go unnoticed, the lifting effect is noticeable and deep wrinkles have been reduced. It’s that great!

‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎Huguette Stievenart, patient of Michaël Stassin, physiotherapist in Frameries (Belgium)Source
If you experience trouble and need a physical therapist, come and visit Mika. As if being a real professional practitioner was not enough, he also uses state-of-the-art technology. As far as I’m concerned, I suffer from chronic lower back pain and I was lucky to benefit from a treatment with his latest device that allows you to come alive again… also known as Winback!

You feel a heat which gives you a well-being sensation and which relieves you instantly. Follow my advice, come and discover this technology and I guarantee you won’t regret it. Thank you Mika, keep up the great work!

‎‎‎‎‎‎Ugo Zanon, patient of Michaël Stassin, physiotherapist in Frameries (Belgium)Source
I just followed a Winback tecartherapy session this morning with my physical therapist Michaël Stassin. I am really impressed with the result. After a knee mosaic plastic surgery, I arrived this morning with a very stiff joint and significant pain. After one Winback Tecar therapy session, my muscles are relaxed, pain is relieved and most of all, what impresses me the most, is that the flexing capacity of my leg has more than doubled. Thank you for your work Michaël. He is such a thoughtful physical therapist who is always willing to help and who will make his best so you can get maximum progress.

‎‎‎‎‎‎‎Livia Spiteri, patient of Michaël Stassin, physiotherapist in Frameries (Belgium)Source
As I suffered from lower back pain, I was advised to go and visit Michaël (a very friendly and considerate physical therapist). 2 sessions with Winback t.e.c.a.r technology were all it took to make my back pain completely disappear.

Prior to that, I was somewhat skeptical. You need to try it to believe it: this device is revolutionary! After that, I healed some aches. Each session is pleasant and warm. I always left these sessions relieved. I recommend it to those who experience pain and want to relax.

‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎Muriel Legrand, patient of Michaël Stassin, physiotherapist in Frameries (Belgium)Source
I wanted to share with you my experience. I experienced pain at the lateral border of my right foot for several weeks probably because of brand new winter shoes that happened to be more robust and hard to wear. Even though it seemed harmless, it was still the same shooting pain which followed me 24/7.

Consequently, I decided to tell my physical therapist Michaël Stassin about it during my session. He detected that my pain concerned the capsule and collateral ligaments and suggested me to do a TECAR session with Winback right away. I was impressed!

Right at the end of my session, pain had completely disappeared! Since then, it came back a little but it has nothing to do with the pain I underwent before. I am convinced that after my next session or within two sessions, it will completely disappear for good. A real bliss!

‎‎‎‎Michel Hirtz, patient relieved from her fibromyalgia by Guy Everts, physiotherapist in Beveren (Belgium)Source
Recently, my physical therapist got himself equipped with a new tool: WINBACK tecar therapy. We tried first only uniquement on cervical vertebra. After the first session, I instantly felt a relief and a feeling of lightness. I figured it out right away when I slipped back on my jacket which I couldn’t even stand on my shoulders before that.

A few hours later, I was more and more relieved and I noticed that I breathed more freely. After 3 sessions, I didn’t feel any pain on trapezius and cervical vertebra and I no longer had inflammation. I found back a suppleness that I even had forgotten about.

‎‎‎‎‎‎‎Loredana Tagliafero, patient of Michaël Stassin, physiotherapist in Frameries (Belgium)Source
After more than 3 weeks wearing plaster for a sprain, I started physical therapy sessions. I visited physical therapist Michaël Stassin. A one-of-a-kind physio! I recommend him! He is so considerate.

He suggested me to follow a session with Winback T.E.C.A.R technology, an exceptional treatment. When I left my first session, I found my smile again, as I was so happy to be relieved from that pain. This device is efficient just as my physio is! A big thanks to Michaël for suggesting me Winback T.E.C.A.R technology!

‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎Claudia Samain, patient of Michaël Stassin, physiotherapist in Frameries (Belgium)Source
I would like to talk about my first Winback tecartherapy session. A month ago, I underwent right-shoulder surgery (acromioplasty). The first week has been very painful for me. I waited more than a month before starting my first physical therapy sessions and I felt a little less pain after my first 5 sessions.

The next week, my physio Michaël Stassin then suggested me to follow Winback tecar therapy sessions. Right from the first session, I felt significantly less tense, lighter and experienced much less pain. I can guarantee that the next day, I managed to make movements that I couldn’t do before this Winback session. I’ve been surprised by my improvement ever since. I can’t wait for my second session on Tuesday!

‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎David Wuestenberg, patient of Michaël Stassin, physiotherapist in Frameries (Belgium)Source
I thank you Michaël since, because of you, I was back on track within a few days. Indeed, I came to visit you with the following diagnosis: lumbago with right-gluteus irradiation. But underneath, lied an underlying problem: a right lower back sciatica which could be discovered and treated within 3 days thanks to Winback tecartherapy.

After 3 days of treatment, no more pain at all. This is a tremendously efficient treatment. Thank you Mika for the quick appointment.

‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎Denis Bienfait, patient of Michaël Stassin, physiotherapist in Frameries (Belgium)Source
I want to thank you, dear Michaël, for making me completely recover from the long-lasting right-foot sharp pain (due to a break) I experienced for more than 1 year. In the long run, I was even slightly depressed. I even underwent an infiltration which worked during three weeks but I was still hurting (although slightly less). You were advised to me by my regular doctor, Dr. François Deghislages.

The WINBACK device and tecar therapy are indeed a bit magical. To be honest, early on, I was absolutely skeptical but from the second session onwards, I instantly felt an improvement. My pain completely disappeared at the end of the fifth session.

At the rate of 2 sessions a week, all it took was 2 weeks not to experience the slightest pain anymore. And now, here we are, everything is back to normal. I even asked myself: which foot used to hurt?? So if one day, you feel any pain, don’t think twice: the physical therapist Michaël Stassin is there to help you fight the pain. And it works!

‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎Danny Vleurick, patient of Michaël Stassin, physiotherapist in Frameries (Belgium)Source
On Wednesday the 18th of January 2017, I woke up with a sharp pain in my lower back, I could barely walk (a lumbago, said my doctor). My brother-in-law thus took me to his physical therapist, where I was lucky to try a device: WINBACK. You feel some kind of warmth which makes you feel good and get rid of pain. After 5 treatments, I could resume my job! After 9 treatments all in all, my lumbago was completely gone! Thank you WINBACK!

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