Winback was founded in France in 2013 to bring clinical assessment, physical therapy and manual therapy together in the same treatment for the first time.


“We strongly believe in the central role of rehab professionals in enabling patients to live longer while maintaining more active and pain-free lifestyles. Our innovative technologies deliver better pain management, healing processes, and faster recovery times — all with a gentle and unique patient experience.”

Christophe BUÉE & Pierre-Nicolas LEBAS
CEO & founders


We create non-invasive technologies to relieve pain, restore mobility and activate the body’s natural healing process for a better life.


Empower clinicians to set new standards of rehabilitative care


Better pain management. Faster rehabilitation. Gentler patient experience.


hospitals and clinics equipped


Medical staff of Sports teams and athletic organizations count on Winback

75 000

Patients treated daily

Winback in the world

7 offices

+120 people

Internal R&D in France & South Korea

Operating in 48 countries through distributors

The human body has the incredible potential to heal.

To rejuvenate. To recover. To perform.

When that natural ability is tapped into with the power of innovative technology, suddenly we are capable of more.
We bounce back from injuries stronger and faster than ever before.
We achieve freedom from lingering pain. We gain confidence through looking and feeling our best.
We become capable of more. We don’t just reach our full potential, we exceed it.

We believe in the regenerative abilities of the human body and the power of physiotherapy. Healing and strengthening the body without breaking the skin and instead activating the potential of healthy cells.

Our disruptive technologies are the ultimate catalyst for the body’s innate healing capability. When our treatment technology and world class training is in the hands of the field’s best therapists, patients are exposed to new standards of extraordinary care.

Mobility. Power. Strength. Energy. Precision. Confidence. Rejuvenation. Better than before. Faster than ever.

Welcome to Winback.

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