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Our most powerful device in electrotherapy combining: TECAR, Hi-TENS and Hi-EMS. Treat up to 3 areas of the body at the same time.



Packing over 200W while standing out as the safest and most efficient device on the market.

BACK4 is a unique, patented medical device based on a QuadriCore processor.

QuadriCore power delivers more than 200 watts of power while ensuring a comfortable, safe and non-invasive treatment. Coupled with the Dynamic Power-In system, the QuadriCore delivers in real-time the optimal energy for your treatment.



BACK4 fuses several types of current clinically shown to have outstanding therapeutic benefits

TECAR // HIGH-FREQUENCY 300 KHz to 1.1 MHz: Cellular, diathermic and antalgic benefits

Hi-EMS // MEDIUM-FREQUENCY 1,5-4kHz: Deep muscle stimulation

Hi-TENS // LOW-FREQUENCY 2-5-25Hz: Chronic and acute musculoskeletal pain relief

You can treat up to 3 areas of the body at the same time.

You will be able to use 2 CET at the same time and without a return plate for ultra-fast assemblies.



BACK4 is designed to continuously evolve in the future

Connected to Wi-Fi with regular updates, remote diagnosis and service, protocols accessible on the machine, artificial intelligence addition...

Our accessories are our trademark to work smoothly on any type of tissues:


Totally non-invasive, this double RET bracelet technic offers you all the freedom of action you need. Experience this exceptional touch that will allow you to fully feel the effects of the energy on your patient. Bracelets can be set up on your patients or directly on your arms.

On your arms: Your hands wearing the bracelets replace the mobile electrode. Winback energy passes through your patient thanks to your hand.

On your patient: You can also put the bracelet around the patient’s areas to be treated (arm, ankle, foot etc.) for a perfect balance of energy diffusion between the two zones


Connected device by Wifi (Software updated and remote technical assistance)
Frequency: TECAR (300-500-1000kHz) Hi-TENS (1,5-4kHz) Hi-EMS (2-5-25Hz)
Size: 403,6 x 379,0 x 190,5 mm
Weight: 6 kg - Trolley : 17 kg
Trainings: Physio, Physio-aesthetic, Pelvic-floor
Manufactured to ISO13485 - KIWA 1984 standards.
Certifications: Medical device
Efficient Dynamic Power-In
2 smart handles TX
Set of electrodes:
5 RET: 70, 60 (x2), 40, convex 40,
5 CET: 70, 60, 40, convex 60,
2 RET Bracelets,
Hi-RET electrode,
Multipolar electrodes,
2 Fixed Pads,
1 neutral return plate,
1 neutral handle,
5 adhesive return plates
Conductive cream


Mikael DUBIEF, Sport Physiotherapist, Arcachon, France

"I used BACK4 to treat Red Bull Cliff Diving athletes. I’ve had incredible results with it, both in preparation and in recovery. Some of these extreme divers have named it the “magic machine”! The ability to mix the currents and work on several areas makes me much more effective.

At my practice, I use it for all types of patients: ortho, elderly, athletes.

Apart from the design which is superb, this ability to mix and play with the currents is great."

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