So, Lucas why did you choose Winback Tecartherapy for the French National Ski Team?

I discovered Winback Tecartherapy during a training day at the National Ski and Snowboard center. Unlike many other devices I’ve seen & used Winback appealed to me as it’s a combination of manual therapy supported by an innovative technology. As I work mostly manually I very much liked this combination approach.

So, how are the Physiotherapist’s and Skiers in the French team using Tecartherapy WINBACK?

I use Winback mostly in muscle injuries. I am using the electrodes in the palm of my hand which allows me to use the technology as well as using my hand for muscle massage and drainage. The combined effect of the heat makes it possible to optimize the massage and quickly access deeper tissues, especially in the back. I also use the bracelets * with certain MSK disorders, especially in tendons combined with MTP.

So, what’s your overall feedback on the benefits of Winback?

Well for example, I had to treat a tendinopathy of the adductors two days before a big race. The first presentation of this tendinopathy had been treated in several weeks, making the athlete very unsure and especially worried about his participation in the events of the week.

However finally, the benefits were seen from as early as the second session and the Skier took part in the RACE without any functional discomfort. Winback has been renamed the “Magic Machine” by that very Skier.

Lucas Bernat-Salles

Massage-Physiotherapis at The National Ski and Snowboard Center

Reintegration unit

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* Caution of use: My BACK Bracers are meant to be used ONLY for a duration of 4 mins at less than 40% intensity.