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General inquiries

What is the difference between Winback and ultrasound?

Ultrasounds are waves that are emitted from outside the body, where they scatter and stop when they encounter resistance. Winback technology uses a high-frequency electric current that acts from inside the body. Biological (self-repair of the organism), analgesic and diathermic effects occur along the path between the two electrodes. In addition, ultrasound has the disadvantage of being contraindicated in the presence of orthopedic material or fractures, unlike Winback technology, which can be used in the presence of orthopedic material or fractures

What is the difference between Winback and laser?

Lasers act by using a light signal to promote a local biological and analgesic response. Winback technology will achieve the same effects, but at a greater distance. It also has a diathermic effect that stimulates lymphatic and blood circulation to accelerate the drainage of edema or improve vascularization in case of fibrous tissue.

How often should I treat with Winback?

The frequency of treatment is usually one to three sessions per week. In special cases, such as professional sports, treatments can be performed up to twice a day. However, the number of treatments should be adapted depending on whether the disease is acute or chronic.

When can Winback tecartherapy be used for injuries, traumatic injuries or post-operative injuries?

Winback technology can be used from day one. By stimulating the circulatory system, reducing pain and increasing cellular exchange, the use of Winback tecartherapy will do everything possible for healing to occur under the best conditions.

How long does it take to obtain results after a tecartherapy treatment?

In most cases, results are seen during the first session, with a decrease in pain and a release of tension. This can also be the case in chronic pathologies, with an improvement in amplitude from the first session.

How long does a Winback therapy session last?

Treatments can last from 5 to 60 minutes. Treatment time depends on several factors: whether it is acute or chronic; whether it is combined with other therapies; whether it is a localized or more general treatment. curative or preventive and maintenance treatment. The therapist will be able to determine the duration of treatment based on his or her diagnosis and the training provided by the Winback Academy.

Are there any side effects of tecartherapy?

Winback is non-invasive and physiologically sound. However, in very inflammatory cases and when very high temperatures are reached, the patient may experience slight fatigue or a slight increase in pain in the hours following treatment. This is the rebound effect, well known to therapists. Our protocols and training courses will help you learn how to avoid this small inconvenience.

For which indications can Winback technology be useful?

Thanks to its three main effects (biological, analgesic and diathermic), the indications are very broad: rheumatology, orthopedics, traumatology, sports care, peripheral neurology, esthetics, etc.

What are the main contraindications of tecartherapy?

The main contraindications for tecartherapy are the presence of pacemakers, electrical implants, pregnancy and active cancer. For more information, please refer to the page: Getting Started. However, Winback is not contraindicated in case of orthopedic implants (hip or knee prostheses) or in case of fractures.

Are breast implants a contraindication?

Breast prostheses are not a contraindication for the use of tecartherapy. It is possible to work the area with Winback technology by adapting the diathermy.

Do I need training to use the Winback device?

You must be trained to use a Winback tecartherapy machine. Training is included in the purchase of the device. This e-learning platform is also available to familiarize yourself with the technology and access all the information you may need. Other more advanced training courses are offered to improve your knowledge in your specialty. For more information, please visit our training agenda.

Is it possible to combine Winback therapy with other physiotherapy techniques?

Combining tecartherapy with other techniques is the essence of Winback, i.e. being able to combine it with other techniques such as dry needling, IASTM, manual therapy, etc

Are the effects of CET equivalent to those of RET?

The effects of CET and RET currents are different. ECT has a local and fast action, while RET allows a deeper or distant action. Its effects will be slower but longer lasting.


When can Winback tecartherapy be used after surgery?

In case of operation, you will be able to work with Winback from day one. The effects of tecartherapy on the circulatory system will drain any swelling or effusion, while reducing pain.

Is it possible to use Winback in case of fracture?

There are no contraindications for the use of Winback tecartherapy in fractures, since it is a technology based on an electric current. In addition, it will help improve healing (due to increased cellular exchange), as well as stimulate microcirculation and vascularization of the periosteum.

How can I improve my range of motion with Winback?

Winback technology can be used prior to active rehabilitation to prepare the joint (pain reduction, stress release and joint fluidization). But Winback technology can be used especially during the active session, attaching the electrodes directly to the patient to facilitate movement.

What precautions should be taken in case of inflammatory diseases?

In the treatment of inflammatory pathologies, it is important to avoid excessive diathermy and, as a preventive measure, to perform a return to calm phase to avoid a possible rebound effect (reappearance of pain within 24 hours after treatment).

Is it possible to use Winback tecartherapy in cases of multiple sclerosis?

The use of Winback tecartherapy is possible in cases of multiple sclerosis. However, to avoid a rebound effect, short and localized sessions with controlled diathermy should be preferred.


When can Winback tecartherapy be used for traumatic injuries (sprains, muscle injuries, etc.)?

Winback technology can be used at the earliest stage of traumatic injuries. By stimulating the circulatory system, reducing pain and increasing cellular exchanges, it will make it possible to do everything possible for healing to take place in the best conditions.

Can Winback tecartherapy be used for preventive care?

Thanks to its effects on microcirculation, Winback technology is often used to prepare athletes before exercise. In addition, its effects on circulation allow many athletes to benefit from recovery treatments to eliminate toxins and reduce aches and pains.

Is it possible to exercise after a Winback therapy session?

After a Winback session, it is possible to exercise as long as the session was not too intense (in duration and diathermy). In addition, it is important to avoid overexertion so as not to overload the body.

Pelvic floor

Is it possible to treat a patient with an intrauterine device?

There is no contraindication to use Winback tecartherapy in the presence of an intrauterine device, since the technology is based on an electric current.

How long after giving birth can I use Winback?

As early as the first week postpartum, Winback tecartherapy can be used to reduce pain and improve healing.

Is it possible to work on pudendal nerve pain with Winback tecartherapy?

It will be possible to release the associated muscular tensions and then perform analgesic work by working - among other things - on Alcock's canal.

Is Winback technology suitable for vaginismus?

Yes, as Winback technology is non-invasive, the use of adhesive electrodes will allow a first approach releasing tensions and facilitating awareness.

Are myomas a contraindication for tecartherapy?

Myomas are not a contraindication for the use of tecartherapy. It will simply be a matter of adapting the diathermy in case of hemorrhage.

Animals' Health

What are the benefits of tecartherapy for animals?

Techartherapy can be used:
For therapeutic purposes by veterinarians and animal health professionals:
- Eliminates pain from the first session
- Heals scars
- Accelerates local revascularization

Veterinarians can also prescribe the use of Tecar to grooms and horse owners to optimize the sport preparation of their horses.

For the welfare and sport preparation of horses by grooms and horse owners:

- Free the movement
- Reduces stress
- Releases spasms and contractures
- Promotes muscle relaxation and joint flexibility
- Faster recovery after intense exercise

Is it necessary to shave the animal's hair to administer tecartherapy?

It is not necessary to shave the hair. We use a specific gel to moisten the hair and ensure current conduction.

Is the tecartherapy treatment stressful for the animal?

Treatment with tecartherapy is not stressful for the animal, on the contrary: Winback technology is non-invasive and painless. Most animals will show signs of relaxation during treatment.

What are the precautions for use in an animal?

When you are in a non-aseptic environment, your device may react differently than in the office, due to dust, humidity, cold, ...
Gray" horses are more sensitive to heat, as are nervous horses.
Take care to disconnect and dry the connectors (cables). Perform annual maintenance of the machine block.
Place the adhesive neutral electrode perfectly by adding a thickness (sponge) and an elastic band. If using rigid, be sure to apply it on a flat area. As an alternative, we recommend the use of the mobile electrode.
Make sure that the contact between the skin and the electrodes/feedback pads is always direct.
Apply conductive cream and water under the active electrode.
Only Winback conductive cream - Do not use ultrasound gel.
Embed the electrode in the hand as much as possible.
Do not place plates (return or fixed) over bony prominences.

Is the intensity used in animals the same as in humans?

The intensity should be reduced when used on an animal to avoid the risk of burns.

Can tecartherapy be used for therapeutic purposes in animals?

Tecartherapy devices are medical devices that do not replace the expertise of an equine/animal health professional: they require the diagnosis and advice of a veterinarian for any therapeutic treatment.

Which equine and animal pathologies can be alleviated with tecartherapy?

Techartherapy can be used for all types of musculoarticular pathologies. We have developed specific protocols for :
- Acute sprain
- Enthesopathies
- Scars
- Trigger points
- Joint indications
- Lumbosacralgia
- Fibrosis
- Treatment of chronic disease of the suspensory ligament of the fetlock.
- Acute and chronic tendinopathy

Is tecartherapy authorized by the Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI)?

According to Section 1065 of the FEI Veterinary Regulations 2020, Tecar devices and Hi-TENS by R-SHOCK technology is one of the permitted therapies as long as the practitioner is a licensed treating veterinarian (PTV) or licensed equine therapist (PET).

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