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Definition of the pathology

Osteoarthritis is a disease that affects the joints. Also called chronic degenerative arthropathy, it is characterized by mechanical daytime pain and difficulty in performing joint movements. At the joint level, the cartilage surface cracks, crumbles, and eventually disappears. Bony outgrowths form and then impair movement.

Osteoarthritis translates to the degeneration of joint cartilage without any particular infection or inflammation. This degeneration leads to a more or less rapid destruction of the cartilage that surrounds the ends of the bones. This destruction is accompanied by a proliferation of bone under the cartilage.

It is the most frequent joint disease and it occurs earlier and earlier in life. The first symptoms usually appear beginning at 40-50 years of age, but the disease often begins much earlier.

Osteoarthritis affects each individual differently. The affected joints and intensity of pain vary from one person to another:

  • Joint pain that occurs mainly during movement
  • Joint sensitivity when applying slight pressure
  • Joint stiffness, especially when waking up or after a period of immobility. Morning stiffness lasts less than 30 minutes
  • A progressive loss of flexibility in the joint
  • Joint discomfort as a result of changes in temperature
  • “Cracking,” especially in the case of osteoarthritis of the knee
  • Gradual emergence of small bone outgrowths (osteophytes) at the joint
  • More rarely, inflammation (redness, pain, and swelling of the joint)

Osteoarthritis currently benefits only from treatment of symptoms. Care is focused on reducing pain. In the case of bone destruction, surgery allows for joint replacements to be put in place. Non-drug treatments reduce the pain.



Some pain associated with osteoarthritis is not relieved by traditional treatments. Therefore, research focuses on discovering better treatment of the symptoms and on disease prevention. Winback offers a new method for treating osteoarthritis by offering targeted actions. Winback technology effectively relieves the patient with osteoarthritis beginning with the first session. The therapist focuses on the patient’s mobility by performing exercises using Winback equipment.

The therapist will initially conduct a targeted evaluation adapted to his or her patient’s expectations. Assessing the stage of osteoarthritis will allow the therapist to adapt his or her Winback treatment. The objective will be to significantly reduce joint pain beginning with the first session. At the same time, using manual expertise paired with Winback energy, the physiotherapist will try to restore the patient’s joint mobility, while revascularizing the degenerated tissues. This will be done by strengthening the muscles, a sensible proprioception with the goal of disease prevention.

The patient benefits from therapeutic massage and joint mobilization with a very comfortable heat during a 20 to 30 minute session. The heat felt by the patient is the result of the Winback energy, allowing for the revascularization of the targeted tissue and lasting pain relief. One specific session per week at a Winback Medical center is sufficient to combat the degeneration of cartilage. A comprehensive, functional approach provides lasting results.  The patient is accompanied in relaxation exercises, as well as deep and postural muscle toning.
The care allows the patient to get back to sports and physical activity quickly. The patient can then participate in his or her physical health without pain.

Therapist’s perspective

Procedure: The treatment takes place by manual care, where the therapist combines his or her expertise (massage, mobilization, strengthening, etc.) with Winback equipment. This combination promotes the healing process, making it faster and more efficient. Each session lasts between 15 and 20 minutes. The goal is to trigger a sustainable and structural effect on lesions. Treatment is non-invasive and painless for the patient who feels gentle and comfortable heat. Quickly relieved of pain, the patient can better appreciate his or her rehabilitation phase. Duration: Usually, 5 sessions are enough for rehabilitation. 5 additional sessions may be prescribed for a strengthening or prevention program.

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