Inflammation refers to a set of clinical manifestations (pain, redness, heat, swelling with disruption of vascular, cellular and lymphatic functions) occurring in the body as a response to various aggressions. Inflammation enters, along with pain, hemostasis and immunity, as part of the reaction processes that are essential to maintain the integrity of the body.

Winshock and its Push-In, the best answer

Thermotherapy is undoubtedly the best response to inflammatory treatment and is based on Hunting’s reaction. Its basic principle? Apply intense cold for 4-5 minutes, then let the cold area warm up in the open air. Winshock goes further and provides a faster solution by accelerating the heating of the area by applying a temperature that goes from -15°C to 45°C in 25 seconds, which has draining virtues (vasoconstriction or vasodilatation). This technique leads to an increase in blood flow in the capillaries as a reaction to this temperature variation (comparable to thermal shock by gas cryotherapy).

Winshock’s other strong point in fighting inflammation is its Push-In current. Indeed, this program allows a better deep penetration of the cold. It has anti-inflammatory effects and provides lasting pain relief. In addition, this application greatly reduces the production of the chemical mediators causing the inflammatory reaction.

On chronic inflammations, Winshock will generate a localized hypothermia leading to a drop in the epidermis temperature followed by an immediate hyperthermia to stop the inflammation. The support of the PUSH-IN function improves cold penetration. On acute inflammation, when hypothermia persists, the installation of cold inhibits the inflammatory process. The evacuation of waste is carried out by accelerating the drainage with the support of the PUSH-BACK function.

Cryo-compression, LASER & focal TECAR, efficient solutions

Other devices also allow effective treatment in inflammatory situations. This technology, for instance, fights all inflammatory phenomena with its cryotherapy system, while the active compression (adjustable and intermittent) stimulates the lymphatic and blood circuits. All the consequences of acute trauma (edema, swelling, hematomas, effusions, etc.) are treated with this dual action.

Without the use of cold, using R-SHOCK, a focal tecartherapy device, allows to generate diathermy. Its targeted application will lead to a local activation of vasodilatation, an increase in the oxygen supply to the tissues, an increase in microcirculation and the elimination of wastes.

Finally, the application of LASER therapy can also be a solution. Indeed, its pulse produces photothermal effects adapted to the resolution of the inflammatory process and the resorption of the edema. These results, together with the analgesic action of the treatment, are behind the rapid reduction of the painful symptomatology described by numerous clinical studies.