How does Winback's Hi-TENS by R-SHOCK provide immediate relief and exemplary autonomy for endurance race drivers in motorsports?

Hi-TENS by R-SHOCK: the innovative solution to ease the pain of endurance motorsport drivers

Endurance drivers in motor sports are subjected to extreme conditions during races, which can lead to a variety of pathologies and pain. Fortunately, an effective solution is now available to provide relief. Hi-TENS by R-SHOCK, the Winback device which combines TECAR & Hi-TENS currents, offers remarkable results in the treatment of drivers during these demanding competitions.

Pathologies and pain in endurance motor sport drivers

Endurance racing drivers are confronted with intense physical stress, in particular vibrations, repeated shocks and prolonged postures in uncomfortable positions. These extreme conditions can lead to various pathologies, such as muscular pain, tension, inflammation and trigger points. The lumbar region, shoulders, adductors and other parts of the body are often the areas most affected.

Hi-TENS by R-SHOCK, the WINBACK device which combines TECAR & Hi-TENS currents, is proving to be an effective solution for treating these pathologies and relieving the pain of endurance motor sport drivers. Physiotherapist Corentin Gasté, who used Hi-TENS by R-SHOCK during the 24 Hours of Le Mans motorbike race to treat a number of drivers, was able to experience this first-hand. "There's really a huge advantage in terms of mobility thanks to its small size, which means it takes up very little space and weighs very little. You can move it around quite easily, there are just the two cables, so it was really great. All you had to do was grab it, and you could put it on the floor, next to the patient, on the head, the shoulder, the adductors..." he points out. Thanks to its speed of use, it was able to effectively treat the various problem areas of the drivers in just a few minutes. "We would flash the targeted area very quickly. In general, in 3-4 minutes at the most, I was able to treat an area simply for pain relief, or really with the aim of treating and freeing a trigger point", he points out.

Immediate relief and exemplary autonomy

The Ormesson-sur-Marne-based practitioner observed an immediate analgesic effect on the pilots' painful areas, particularly triggers and algic zones. Lower back pain and tension that had previously gone unrelieved were relieved thanks to this innovative device. "On the three drivers I treated, whether it was trigger points or painful areas, particularly in the lumbar region at the end of the race, areas that were difficult to relieve by the osteopath or magnetist, we managed to soothe the pain by working specifically on the painful areas, even without generating excessive heat. This didn't solve all the problems, of course. At the end of the race, the rider was still a little tired, but we saw immediate pain relief, at least for half his run", he continues.

As for battery life, Corentin Gasté notes that despite regular use during the 24-hour race stints, the battery lasted without needing recharging. "The question we were a little concerned about was battery life. Personally, I didn't use it extremely intensively, although I generally used it during each stint. I'd brought the charger with me, but the battery lasted the whole 24 hours," he notes. This demonstrates the reliability and performance of the Hi-TENS by R-SHOCK device.

Valuable support for endurance drivers

Corentin Gasté's experience at the 24 Hours of Le Mans motorbike race demonstrates the tangible benefits of using Hi-TENS by R-SHOCK. Riders benefited from immediate relief, enabling them to continue their race in greater comfort. Muscle pain, tension and inflammation were treated in a targeted manner, improving the recovery and well-being of the riders. The combination of TECAR & Hi-TENS currents offers a complete therapeutic approach. The TECAR current improves blood circulation, promotes tissue regeneration and reduces inflammation, while the Hi-TENS current relieves pain.

Hi-TENS by R-SHOCK also stands out for its practicality and portability, making it an ideal choice for environments where space is limited, as was the case for Corentin Gasté in a racing truck where every centimeter counts. In such situations, the unit's compact size and ease of movement are of crucial importance. Hi-TENS by R-SHOCK perfectly meets these constraints, enabling the practitioner to deliver quality treatments wherever he may be. What's more, the battery guarantees exemplary autonomy, meaning there's no need to worry about recharging during long working days. Whether in a race truck, locker room or hotel room on the move, Hi-TENS by R-SHOCK offers a practical, high-performance treatment solution.

This device represents a significant advance in the treatment of pathologies and pain experienced by endurance racing drivers. Its practical use, analgesic efficacy and positive impact on driver performance make it an essential tool for healthcare professionals working in this demanding field. Thanks to innovative devices such as Hi-TENS by R-SHOCK, drivers can benefit from optimum support to maintain their form during endurance competitions.

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