Patricia Brizon is a Winback beauty coach, we met her :

Patricia chose Winback for the reliability of the equipment, its innovation and evolution. Winback has become known for his results in therapy, for his results in beauty, this is the technique she needed. The big difference with standard radio frequency technologies is the constant renewal of products, especially via accessories. For her, it is something essential for the professionals, it allows them to be within the same big family and to trade ideas, to exchange with colleagues, it is a great support. She uses it for any treatment that concerns the beauty of the body or face from far or near. The most popular one is the anti-ageing care, followed of course by slimming and well-being care. What is most commonly asked is the improvement of skin quality, whether related to cellulite or skin aging problems. When asked if the machine is complicated to handle, Patricia replies that it is very simple, even if it is true that the gestures are new. From the first session, you can notice an improvement in circulation and a feeling of well-being. The tone of the face becomes lighter and when it concerns the body, a  of ligh-legged sensation is felt. A complete treatment includes at least 6 sessions, and if you really want a visible result, 8, 10, even 12 sessions may be necessary. These sessions are held once or twice a week. If the treatment is done properly, there can be no burns or other adverse effects.

Patricia’s clients are unanimous!

They feel the warmth of the session, the effects of the massage, and immediately relax. “…some of them fall asleep!” adds Patricia with a smile. Session after session, they come to appreciate both the massage session and the anti-aging or cellulite effect. She takes the example of a client who came for a massage, at her fifth or sixth face session, and asked her what changes she had noticed since the last session and she replied in a way she thought was beautiful and fair and just: “You know you didn’t make me younger, but you did better, you stopped time. “Obviously the objective is not to find the face we had twenty years ago, but to ensure that the effects of time fade, stop and slow down.

Finally, Patricia described Winback in 3 words

First, comfort, for both the practitioner and the client. Then the optimization, since with this material, my hands become all the more efficient. Finally the results, since the effects are always there, with each session, and which are in more 100% natural.



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