The Winback energy guides you:>Winback energy seen through a thermal imaging camera

Winback energy seen through a thermal imaging camera

Winback energy seen through a thermal imaging camera

The thermal imaging camera allows us to see the diathermic effects of Winback energy. In the below case, the experiment involved studying the effects of the high frequency RET current on the leg and observing the heating effect for 20 minutes. The test has been carried out using a TIS45 thermal imaging camera on a female patient aged 30 presenting with no particular pathologies.

• RET Fixpad under the foot and return plate under the abdomen
• Test conducted for 20 mins at 40%
• The temperature of the ankle went from 29.5°C to 38.1°C and the knee from 29.7°C to 35.1°C.
• The temperature of the room was 18.5°C.

Test conducted by Andrei Gheorghiu – Romania

Effect of the high frequency current with RET in Winback 2.0 (Fix Electrode)

The results confirm:

– The multi-joint effect
– The concentration of the energy on hard tissues (joints)
– The increase in temperature along the vascular route
– The draining action of this type of set-up

Test conducted on a 30 year-old female. Configuration Winback 2.0 fixpad RET = Foot arch – Neutral = Low Back

Comparison of the use of 2 adhesive RET electrodes vs 1 RET fixpad and one adhesive electrode

• Left knee fixpad on medial condyle of femur and return plate on lateral condyle of femur
• Right knee: 2 adhesive electrodes on each side
• Length of test: 20 mins at 40% lowpulse
• Initial temperature: 34.2°C
• Final temperature:
– Medial condyle left knee 37.6°C /right knee 36.5°C
– Medial condyle left knee 35.9°C /right knee 36.5°C

énergie Winback

Conclusions of the test

This test confirms what was predicted: at the same intensity, there was greater heat under the fixpad but it remained localised, whereas using two adhesive electrodes created an equal distribution.

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