Winback and traditional Chinese medicine

traditional chinese medicine

A blend of 3000 years of traditional Chinese medicine and modern Winback tecartherapy technology.

Experience the synergy between two techniques from two very different periods in time yet both promoting energy flow (Qi) and blood circulation (Xue) and the idea of plenitude (stagnation) and emptiness behind many bodily aches.

Come and learn how to combine the Winback energy with Tui Na An Mo (Chinese massage), Ba Guan Zi (suction cups) and Gua Sha (scraping), etc.

This training course will provide an opportunity for you to familiarise yourself with these key concepts from Chinese medicine. The Winback energy offers valuable assistance with this type of therapy which will mean you can start using this “other type of healthcare” straight away via simple methods and treat conditions such as sprained ankles and knees, constipation, etc.

Our next training sessions

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traditional chinese medicine