Acute or chronic inflammation : how to distinguish one from the other ?

An inflammation can be either acute or chronic. How to differentiate them easily ? Here are some tips :

  • When inflammation starts (acute phase), it should be followed by a dilatation of the connective tissue due to the presence of exudate and a vasodilatation. During this phase, the goal will be to limit the installation of this edema by causing a vasoconstriction through an extended hypothermia (cutaneous temperature below 5 C°).
  • Inflammation becomes chronic when the drainage phase (detersive cleaning) is incomplete. To avoid this phenomenon, it is necessary to stimulate the lymphatic and blood flow. For this, we can rely on the Hunting reaction (physiological process which leads to successive cycles of vasoconstriction and vasodilation when the skin temperature is between 5 C° and 12 C°).

How to treat inflammations with Winback ?

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