Winback tecartherapy eliminates pain and frees up movement to accelerate the rehabilitation process.

Entirely non-invasive. 100% natural.


T.E.C.A.R means Transfer of Capacitive And Resistive Energy

Tecar is high frequency alternating current.

According to the principle of Dr. D'Arsonval, Tecar causes a flow of ions through rapid electrical oscillations in the cellular environment.

The scientific and physical term to describe this phenomenon is the permittivity of the cell membrane.
Scientific studies have shown that 300kHz -1200kHz induces an increase in intra and extracellular exchanges and a diathermic effect on living tissue

Winback tecartherapy has three effects to accelerate rehabilitation.

It makes the plasma membrane permeable, stimulating intra- and extracellular exchanges.

Relieve pain

Inhibits the transmission of pain messages by saturating nociceptors. The result? An immediate & lasting pain relief enabling therapists to work more smoothly et efficiently.

Study: Bretelle F, Fabre C, Golka M, Pauly V, Roth B, Bechadergue V, Blanc J. (2020) Capacitive-resistive radiofrequency therapy to treat postpartum perinal pain: a randomized study. PLoS One, 15(4):e0231869.4

Restore movement

Increases temperature helping to release muscle tension and improve vascularization to make movement easier. Gain freedom and range of motion.

Study: Lee H-r, Shim J-h, Oh D-w. (2017) Effects of high-frequency diathermy integrated into suboccipital release on tenderness and neck mobility and disability in people with chronic tension-type headache. Physical Therapy Korea, 24(2):37-47

Boost metabolism

Stimulates intra and extracellular exchanges. The natural resistance of biological tissues increases, creating diathermy which is used by the vascular/lymphatic system.

Study: Clijsen R, Leoni D, Schneebeli A, Cescon C, Soldini E, Li L, Barbero M. (2020) Does the application of Tecar therapy affect temperature and perfusion of skin and muscle microcirculation? A pilot feasibility study on healthy subjects. J Altern Complement Med, 26(2):147-153.


Dielectric properties and human tissue

C. Gabriel - 1996 « The dielectric properties of biological tissues » tested different frequencies on different tissues and proved that the range between 300kHz to 1000kHz is the most efficient for all kinds of human body treatments.

PERMITTIVITY = Permeability of the tissue. CONDUCTIVITY = Depends on the resistance of the tissue

The best performance between PERMITTIVITY/CONDUCTIVITY varies according to the tissue, so the frequency is adapted according to the type of tissue


The HIGHER the frequency, the more
concentric and superficial it is.

The LOWER the frequency,
the more diffuse and deeper it is

The Winback Tecar therapy offers three frequencies: 300kHz, 500kHz and 1000kHz giving you lots of versatility as a clinician.

It allows you to choose the optimal frequency depending on the tissue type and depth. Your results are therefore optimized.

300 kHz

Hard tissues
ligament, tendon, joint, bone

500 kHz

Soft tissues
muscle, fascia, lymphatic, vascular

1000 kHz

Cutaneous and subcutaneous tissues
skin, scar, fascia


In biology, the tissue's reaction to the passage of high frequency current is called diathermy.

Strong localised thermia, neo-vascularisation. Neo-collagenesis
Vasodilatation of vascular trunks. Increased arteriovenous and lymphatic circulation
Micro circulation increases. Better oxygenation, gentle and comfortable heat felt by the patient.
No heat other than the slight thermal activity caused by the biological effect


When combined with therapist's techniques



Non-invasive & comfortable for both the patients and clinicians.

For the patient

The warm feeling and the immediate pain relief make the session pleasant for the patient (who will even ask for more!)

For the clinician

As pain & tension are relieved, your manual efforts will be more efficient and less painful.

It has limited contraindications: No contraindications to joint replacements, orthopedic material, or fractures. It can be used daily and treat over tattoos and any skin type. Can be used daily. • The practitioner should refrain from any treatment in the following cases: pace maker - insulin pump - neurostimulator - pregnancy - severe hypertension or hypotension - cancer - coagulation disorders - infectious diseases for which heat is contraindicated - phlebitis - tuberculosis. • Insensitivity to pain - insensitivity to heat - burns - cancerous lesions in the treatment area. • The operator should refrain from treatment involving direct application (electrode in contact) on the following body areas: eyes - testicles - ovaries - growth cartilage


Soft tissue management

Winback energy increases the effectiveness of your manual treatments:
Work gently on all types of tissue with our accessories: keeping the electrodes in your hands, being hands-free, wearing the bracelets on your wrists (or on your patients) or working with the Fascia tool.


Exercise-based rehab

With a wide range of electrodes, all active techniques are compatible with Winback.

The patient can perform all the active based recovery exercises at the same time.


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