Fibromyalgia: practitioner and patient’s perspectives


The use of Winback technology is of great interest in the treatment of fibromyalgia as it gives access to zones which are otherwise difficult to reach and intensifies the practitioner’s actions. The practitioner can focus on particular zones to give the patient relief. Winback therapy can remove pain when used across large areas of the patient’s body.

A regime of 3 to 5 sessions per month is required to achieve maximum mobility and to treat pain. After this, we recommend a session every 6 weeks to prevent relapse.

A session lasts 20 minutes. This session generally starts with a massage combined with the use of the Winback device to free up tensions in the patient (pain, stiffness of movement). The practitioner directs the Winback energy to reinforce the patient’s actions and to prevent possible relapse. The results are visible after just one session!


“For the last 5 months, I’ve been treating a group of 10 patients with fibromyalgia with Winback Therapy. My sessions last 25 minutes, starting with a dynamic CET massage with a heat setting of around 30%/40%.

Manual work, stretching, transverse friction, mobilisation and fasciatherapy are carried out using RET FixPads positioned on myBack, again at a moderate heat that the patient can feel. We have the freedom to work with two hands, and are able to palpate and adapt to areas of pain. I find it essential to communicate with my patient throughout the session. I don’t hesitate to reduce the diathermy in the first two sessions.

If the patient has digestive issues, I adapt my procedure to include a period with low heat Lowpulse in Deep CET. All the sessions finish with a return to calm, effective CET Lowpulse 10%. Thanks to the complete relief from pain and improved tissue mobility, I’ve had objective proof of the effectiveness of Winback Therapy in being able to extend the periods between each session.

Today: Of the 10 patients I see 4 only once every 6 weeks, another 4 patients I see every month and 2 patients I see every 2 weeks. My patients generally feel less tired and stronger mentally. The signs of depression reduce, as they have a positive experience with Winback Therapy.

What the practitioner brings to the treatment is fundamental for this condition, and Winback fits perfectly into this approach. To others working in this area, I must say I could hardly believe it myself, but I can honestly say that now I have 10 fibromyalgia patients thinking positively about their treatment! Patient cooperation remains the most important thing!”

Guy E., massage physiotherapist from Belgium


“Not long ago, my physiotherapist got a new tool, a Winback tecartherapy device. To start with, we tried it on the cervical muscles. Straight away after the first session, I felt better and had a feeling of lightness. I noticed that I could slip on my jacket, whereas normally I couldn’t stand to even have it over my shoulders.

A few hours later, the relief got deeper and deeper and I noticed I was breathing more freely. After 3 sessions, I had no more pain in my trapezius or cervical muscles and no more inflammation. I’d forgotten what it was like to feel this supple.”

Dominique H., patient treated for fibromyalgia


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