Inflammation treatment : using Cryo or Cryo/Thermo shock ?

Which treatment do you use in case of inflammation ? That is the question we’ve asked to a panel of colleagues equipped with Winshock in Europe.

Among the four available options, Cryo Thermo Shock is the most commonly used, with 60% of the daily treatments. This method brings a fast solution on chronic inflammations through its two modes :

  • The « 2.0 », with electrodes fixed  on the patient during 20 minutes (temperature from -4C° to 40C°)
  • The « manual expert », for a treatment of 5 to 10 minutes, with more extreme temperatures (-15C° to 45C°)

The Cryo Thermo is clearly the best answer for a inflammatory treatment and is based on the Hunting reaction. The goal is to apply an extreme cold during 4-5 minutes, than to let this cold zone warm up in open air.

Winshock goes further and brings a faster solution by accelerating the warming of the zone. How ? By applying a temperature which increases from -15C° to 45C° in 25 seconds. This has draining virtues (vasoconstriction or vasodilatation).

This technique leads to an increase of blood amount in capillaries, as a reaction to this temperature change (similar to the thermal shock by gaseous cryotherapy).

What are Cryo Thermo effects on inflammation ?

A decrease of the edema and inflammation, as well as a decrease of the pain from inflammatory origin. Moreover, the Cryo Thermo cycle can be repeated many times in order to strenghten the elimination of any inflammation source.

Cryo is the second most commonly used option on inflammation cases, with 35% of the treatments. It is a winning solution on three pathologies :

  • Acute inflammation : the Cryo action is strengthened by the Push In current (almost 100% of cases)  so the intense cold penetrates better in-depth. The Cryo mode allows a decrease of the temperature under 15C° (temperature threshold which activates the analgesic Gate control effect).
  • The post-trauma supports a hands-free treatment (2.0) of 15-20 minutes, in order to resorb the edema and fight against the imflammatory pain.
  • Tension relief. Associated with the PRESS current, the Cryo provides a real alternative to relieve contractures in a very short time (approx. 2 minutes). The application on the motor points helps to fasten the pain relief, in order to free the joint amplitudes.
Cryotherapie température

The above chart shows that the Cryo mode maintains very quickly the skin temperature around 4C°. This extended hypothermia generates a vasoconstriction which limitates the edema apparition.

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Thanks to all colleagues who helped us on this study, we learned a lot and are happy of the results.

SWIMS Academy