What if youl could target any tissue, no matter how deep ?



You move the MOBILE electrode to multiply the effect of your massage. The massage offers all its dimension in depth. The distance between the two electrodes is important and enables treatment of a wide poly-articular area like the lower limbs. The patient is undeniably comfortable laying on your massage table, leaving you free to work in depth



Placing a FIXED RET electrode on the patient leaves both your hands completely free.

 WINBACK 2.0 is the “Swiss army knife” of WINBACK energy there are so many ways to use it that we can’t describe them all. 3 examples of typical treatments currently being used by your colleagues.



Work with two active electrodes. The Winback energy emits between your two hands. This application is  very effective for approaching so-called complex joints such as the shoulder. The movement of the energy allows you to approach an injury in all directions. Thus all axes of movement of the shoulder will be reached in minutes with unmatched comfort.


WINBACK 4.0 by Winback is based on MIX high frequency technology, where the two electrodes in contact with the patient are combined into only 1. MIX offers a concentrated and superficial energy that stimulates an immediate reaction in the tissue.

WINBACK 4.0 Both electrodes have been integrated into a single electrode to concentrate the energy on small areas of the body without requiring a lot of power. With 3 or 6 poles, this mode has emitter/receiver poles in the electrode that are solicited in pairs through an elaborate algorithm.

This mode offers a manual electrode with several dynamic poles that switch alternately between emitting and receiving current. The amount of energy is optimal for cellular stimulation over a surface area of a few centimetres.


This technology is the best in the world of aesthetic medicine because its stimulation is rapid, effective, and precise in the area of cutaneous tissue. The studies show that MIX technology stimulates the same vascular, analgesic and healing effects in less than 30 seconds as the classic WINBACK 1.0 treatment did in 3 minutes.


The other advantage of MIX technology is its incredible yield of concentrated energy, which provides the same results as a Winback 1.0 by using 3 times less energy.


Example pathologies. For certain local pathologies, it is necessary to have extra focussed energy for treating conditions such as fascia, scar adhesions, superficial tendinopathies, lymphatic issues (without compression), Dupuytrens Disease, post-operative treatment for hands or feet, tibial periostitis, and cosmetic imperfections.

electrode-mix3-body-faceMIX3 offers a hand electrode with 3 dynamic poles that switch alternately between emitting and receiving current. Two of the 3 poles are active simultaneously. There are two sizes of MIX3: Body and Focus, depending on the size of the treatment area or how delicate the skin is. MIX3 is dedicated to the superficial layers of tissue. MIX3 works with a unique frequency of 1 MHz and is particularly suitable for very superficial stimulation.



Once again, WINBACK tecar therapy is even further ahead of the game with the introduction of the new WINBACK 5.0: Three electrodes are in contact with the patient, emitting energy through two mobile or fixed electrodes. This new function means that balanced energy can be transmitted onto two limbs, so, for example, two legs can be treated at the same time. The new set up also means you can work on your massage keeping both of your hands active… Your treatment will be quicker and more effective.

There are 2 versions of WINBACK 5.0 : WINBACK 5 RET or WINBACK 5 MIX


Two RET electrodes work simultaneously with a fixed return plate. The electrodes can be set to Winback mode 1, 2 or 3.