The anterior cruciate ligament  (ACL) : when Winback Tecartherapy and Game Ready complement each other


The various items of equipment offered by the SWIMS Group can complement each other, as well as allow the use of different brands appliances.  It is possible, for instance, to combine, during the same protocole, Winback Tecartherapy and Game Ready pieces of equipment.

This combination is possible for example in the case of the post-operative reeducation procedure of the anterior cruciate ligament (inflammatory phase). The treatment can be started either using Game Ready or Winshock to obtain a draining/anti-inflammatory effect. Then, at least a few hours later (or the following day), it is possible to proceed using Winback, to benefit once again from its draining effect but also to make joint movement easier (pain relief and fluidity of movements).

A simultaneous use of the Winback and Game Ready (or Winshock) technologies is also possible.  In this case, Winback is set in RET mode, athermia 10%, for its biological and pain-relief results, and Game Ready for draining/anti-inflammatory effects.

Here is an example of such a protocol: