Studies show that for over 100 years, therapeutic effects have enabled tissue reconstruction as well as pain reduction. The founder of this current is Jacques Arsène d’Arsonval, a famous doctor, but also a French physicist and inventor. In 1890, Arsonval discovered the benefits of the permeability of plasma membrane by increasing frequency to more than 100 KHz. In the 1920s, with other researchers and doctors, he developed the first capacitive and resistive electrodes. A work by William Beaumont in 1939 dealt extensively with these modes of applications CAPACITIVE (CET) and RESISTIVE (RET).

By the 1950s, the high-frequency current entered into areas of surgical use with electrocautery. The rapid acceleration of healing after using an electronic scalpel encouraged cosmetic doctors to become interested in this energy and to exploit it by developing electrodes (e.g. multipolar MIX) and frequency (1 MHZ). The electrode held by the therapist thus became mobile.

It was only in 1995 that teachers of medicine in Italy studied this energy to build on the works of D’Arsonval and Beaumont in order to develop procedures in functional rehabilitation with non-invasive mobile electrodes.

In 2009, WINBACK developed procedures in physiotherapy by supporting Italian scientific research and frequencies between 300 KHz and 1 MHz. In April 2013, WINBACK developed a new generation of more intuitive, more dynamic and more efficient equipment… WINBACK energy was born.

1890 : Discovery of the permeability of the plasmic membrane by a high frequency current from 100 KHz until 10 MHz Jacques Arsène d’Arsonal, doctor, physicist, inventor.

1939: Work on the diathermy with the modes of applications capacitive and resistive treated by William Beaumont, an English doctor and physicist (who worked on) on the first equipments of physiotherapy. Frequency about 500 KHz.

1985: Development of high frequency current in the esthetic medicine with electrode multipolar for action on the skin.

1995: The current at a high frequency is called TECAR= Transfert Electrical Capacitive And Resistive and new Scientific’s publications have been done in Italia. Frequency 500 KHz and 650 KHz. Power 300 W. The diathermy effect is privileged (ou dans le sens traitement = preferential).

2009: The MEDIMOUV Company create protocols for the physiotherapy and install the first generation of equipments for the French élite with more than 150 installation in 3 years. Frequency 448 KHz- Power of 200W. The action of healing is privileged.

April 2013: Start of WINBACK with more than 400 installation in less than 2 years. Numerous frequency for a best targeting 300 KHz- 500 KHz- 1 MHz. New generations of current more efficient with a power of 100/130 W. The action of targeted healing is privileged.

The Tecar Therapy occupied a role that is increasly important in the instrumental physiotherapy. This technology is actually widely used in the treatment for athletes, because it bring results very fast. Improvements can be seen during the first session. The name of this machine is the acronym of Transfert Electrical Capacitive And Resistive (T.E.C.A.R).

The MEDIMOUV Company, created in October 2009, is at the origin of the TECAR technics on the French market after servals’ years of R&D. In 6 years, MEDIMOUV knew how to adapt the Tecartherapy to the French physiotherapy valuation by listening the evolutions request of therapist customer. More innovations, a price more competitive, a formation more open to the French health valuation and complementary technologies. Face to an increasing demand, our team had created the WINBACK concept in April 2013. Actually, WINBACK offer the best equipment in Tecar therapy.


Winback knew how to evaluate succefully while maintaining his position of leader on the French market. Actually, WINBACK suggest the best equipment in Tecar Therapy with his third generation of TECAR equipment. The TECAR 1.0 of WINBACK make reference to the first generation of equipment in Tecartherapy composed of a passive electrode and several types of active electrodes. This equipment of tecartherapy offer more efficiently to therapist in their traditional manual manipulation.



The TECAR 2.0 made reference to the lanching of the fixed electrodes and of the Flex Patch. This complementary equipments of the tecartherapy had permit to therapists to benefit of more liberty of movements in the mobilization and the strengthening muscular. The TECAR 3.0 give the possibility to therapist to work with an energy in their both hands: a real revolution in the tecartherapy universe!

For more details concerning the 3 generations of TECAR, meet us directly on the page concerning the Winback Energy.