Maia International Acro Cup is an acrobatic gymnastics championship held in the city of Maia, Portugal. It is the biggest event in the world of acrobatic gymnastics, capable of receiving every year more than 1200 gymnasts from 23 countries. This year has been celebrated from 1st to 5th March.

Acrobatic gymnastics or acrosport is a sport modality included in the International Federation of Acrobatic Sports being part of the International Gymnastics Federation. It is a sport discipline of gymnastics in which there are different modalities. In the competition must contain acrobatic and gymnastic elements of flexibility, balance, jumps and turns, as well as collaborative movements between the components of the team to make figures and body pyramids.

Winback attendance at the event

For it, the physiotherapist Isolino Sousa, who has been supporting 6 editions of the championship, has relied on Winback technology, specifically with the Back 1S device to support the gymnasts for their recovery, emergency situations, traumatisms, etc. In addition, the Back 1S equipment is ideal for the trips of the therapists, since it only weighs 4kg, making it easy to transport and use.

Winback Tecartherapy treats emergency therapies for acute musculoskeletal injuries. The energy reduces immediately  trauma and offers to the athlete a faster and more effective reincorporation of the physical activity.

The prevention

In gymnastics there are several injuries that occur in the legs, especially in the upper part of them and in the knees, for women and men. The legs are complicated to protect them and it’s where more work is received during the gymnastic activity, they can suffer diverse traumatisms.

However injuries can be reduced with a series of preventions and joint actions between gymnasts and their medical team. That’s why Winback energy is ideal as with a deep massage with Winback effectively relaxes stressed muscles by the intense effort. These stimulating and relaxing movements restore the biomechanical structure more quickly by returning tonicity to the muscle.



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