The city of Montpellier has a long tradition in rugby sports, being practiced since 1895 in the university class of the city. Later, in 1907 with the Le Stade Montpelliérain club launching the rugby opened doors to all the civil population. Almost 80 years after its birth, in 1986 the two clubs of the city, the Montpellier Université Club and Le Stade Montpellíerain, were merged, creating the Montpellier Rugby Club, becoming a French elite club.

After a few years of highs and lows in the club, both in the most satisfactory and least fortunate, a series of events occurred within the groups of the French division as dropouts of coaches and players, adding also the first strike in the history of rugby and also suffering financial and sports crisis. In 1998, changed the club’s presidency and leadership, thus changing the structure of the organization in order to grow and become recognized by his excellence. In 2003 the club won the Pro D2 title and became part of the top French division (Top 14), becoming Montpelier Hérault Rugby Club (MHR).


The rugby team Montpellier Herault has a collaboration agreement with Winback, they have become inseparable. Rugby sport is a high-impact sport with a lot of violent contact, so it’s necessary to establish a previous work to prevent injuries and thus strengthen muscles, such as after a game, where muscles wear down and make big efforts, it’s necessary to make a relaxing therapy to restructure the muscles. Montpellier Herault, was looking for a high technology option with which to keep the members of his team contented, so they opted for the Winback energy, which meets all their needs for their versatility and constant innovation.



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