Winback efficacy on second degree contusion


second degree contusion

Nicholas ChatzoglouPhysical medicine and rehabilitation doctor
Panagiotis PsychidisRadiology doctor

PATIENT: MALE, 43 years old, engaged in weekly sporting activity – 15 km of running
2nd degree contusion to left quadriceps
1st degree contusion to right quadriceps

3rd day after injury

contusion second degré

5th day after injury

First treatment with Winback tecartherapy on the left quadriceps.

The second treatment was administered 5 days after the 1st and 9 days after the injury to both quadriceps during a period of total rest.

contusion second degré

60% reduction in oedema in the left quadriceps.

9th day after injury

Before second treatment

contusion second degré

20th day after injury

The athlete resumed all his sporting activities 25 days after the injury with total resorption of the oedema on both sides.

contusion second degré

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