GMove Suit: Regain mobility with every step.

Winback’s intelligent, wearable active compression adapts to the
evolving needs of patients.

Outstanding results in neurorehabilitation, confidence in each step.

Discover Winback active compression suit



Unique soft exoskeleton design with active, ergonomic, targeted active compression chambers.

Inactivity means injury.

Injury means inactivity.

The GMove Suit breaks the cycle.

By utilizing the GMove Suit, patients experience instant pain relief. This allows patients to get back to walking safely and restores their confidence in both balance and ability.

With the GMove Suit patients can develop and maintain an active lifestyle — for good.

Regain mobility. Regain confidence. Live better.

Improves proprioception

"Active compression" stimulates the sensory sensors (baroreceptors) in the fascia to enhance proprioceptive information. These messages allow patients to focus on their lower limbs. Proprioception is improved and patients regain freedom of movement.

Increases muscle activity

Active compression" of the muscles facilitates the recruitment of motor units. Targeted active compression makes the contraction more efficient to improve coordination.

Promotes venous return

Most patients suffering from balance disorders generally have a limited autonomy and walking range. By improving venous and lymphatic return, the G-Move Suit optimizes the rehabilitation session by reducing fatigue and time between exercises.


For orthopedic and neuro rehabilitation

Effective at the beginning and throughout the duration of treatment, patients benefit from utilizing G-Move Suit long after returning home.

Orthopedics: post-surgery oedema

Neurology: erebrovascular accidents (stroke), multiple sclerosis, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, Parkinson’s Disease

Accommodates the needs of patients beyond care settings.

The GMove Suit is available for rental, so patients can continue walking and active rehabilitation at home.


GMove Suit and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

We approached the French national Ehlers-Danlos syndrome awareness group Association SED1+ to participate in a study.

We tested the GMove Suit’s direct effects using the Killy Test (wall chair sit test).We found that participants were able to maintain the wall sit position for longer periods of time, +56,23 seconds, showing greater strength and stability.

At the same time, we recorded a reduction in pain, a significant improvement in physical activity, and better balance while walking.


GMove Suit for Multiple Sclerosis & Parkinson’s Disease

The “Get Up & Go" test records the time a patients takes to get up from a chair, walk three meters, turn around, and sit down again.

A study of multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s Disease patients showed significant reductions in time for the test when using the GMove Suit.

Patient with Multiple Sclerosis: Time reduced from 25 seconds to 14 seconds.

Patient with Parkinson’s Disease: Time reduced from 18.6 seconds to 8.25 seconds.



Was ist GMove Suit Compression?

Winback’s active compression therapy suit is the only soft exoskeleton technology on the market. This allows patients to move freely and naturally during rehabilitation sessions and in their daily lives.

This suit has 3 compression chambers on the calves and one on the thighs exerting compressions either sequentially or continuously.

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