Temperature, electrified.

Innovative cryotherapy powered by low and medium frequencies to
treat inflammation and stimulate lymphatic drainage.


The unique combination of cryo/thermo (CRYOSHOCK) with electric currents (STIMSHOCK)

STIMSHOCK currents works alongside with CRYOSHOCK to amplify the effects of hot/cold therapy at a deeper level, using medium- and low-frequency currents, PUSH & PRESS.

These currents either pass through the two cold-generating electrodes or through stim pads:

PUSH IN (More penetrating cold)

Can be used in manual mode up to a maximum temperature of + 15 ° C. This program allows better deep cold penetration. It has anti-inflammatory effectand reduces pain sustainably.

PUSH BACK (Accelerated drainage)

Stimulates the return circulation of lymph to the lymph nodes by accelerating the evacuation of lymph, especially in the post-operative phase

PRESS (Muscle rehabilitation)

Strengthens muscles by providing deep but comfortable stimulation. It recruits the muscles to facilitate rehabilitation and reduce recovery time, especially after a trauma.


From -15°C to 45°C in 25 seconds in a device of less 5 kilos.

Across the gradient in seconds, the device jumps from -15°C to 45°C in 25 seconds. Winshock is features of two thermo-electric generators to quickly switch between extreme temperature thresholds.


Samuel ROCES, Physiotherapist of Groupama-FDJ cycling team, France

“Using ice to treat an inflammation is essential in traumatology as well as for recovery purposes. What’s more, the mobility inherent to our sport makes the ice treatment difficult to use. But Winshock answered all of our team’s expectations in this field. At the time of the Catalogna Tour, our leader Thibaut Pinot (the 3 big Tours stage race winner, who came 3rd in the 2014 Tour de France, and won the 2018 Lombardie Tour…) was treated using this new technology in order to maximise his recovery when facing the extreme demands of the mountain stages”

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