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Hi-Tens to treat tendinopathies

The term “tendinitis”, commonly used, is no longer really relevant. The ending “-itis” means inflammation, but not all tendon injuries are inflammatory. In fact, the term tendinopathy is more appropriate and should be used when talking about tendon pain. This is a very frequent category of pathologies, which, depending on their type, tend to require the use of various technologies to optimize treatment. It is in this aspect that HI-TENS BY R-SHOCK is asserting itself as a real solution since, thanks to its different modes, it can treat all three types of tendinopathies.

Given the complexity of treating a tendinous injury, it will be a question of establishing the right diagnosis for the tendinopathy. The physiotherapist trained by the academy is best able to determine this and choose the most appropriate treatment!

On tendinosis

Tendinosis, which is a non-inflammatory degeneration of the tendon, can take several months to be treated. Its clinical signs are strong pain on stretching and contraction, but low sensitivity on palpation. On this pathology, the SHOCK mode of the HI-TENS BY R-SHOCK device will thus make it possible to fight the fibrosis of the tendon body, by generating hyperthermia and by its effect on collagen as well as by the neo-vascularization that will be generated.

On tenosynovitis

Tenosynovitis is an inflammation of the tendon and its synovial sheath. It is manifested by pain when stretching (increased when the sheath is pinched) and palpating, but not when contracting. To treat this sheath inflammation, the SWAP mode, which combines Hi-RET/Hi-TENS alternation and a capacitive effect with gentle localized heat, is the most suitable. In general, it is also recommended for its analgesic effect, on trophicity and its effectiveness in acute pathologies.

On enthesopathy

Enthesopathy is a general term for enthesis, whether inflammatory (enthesitis) or mechanical. They are secondary to an inadequacy between the efforts to which the enthesis is subjected and its mechanical resistance, which is still limited due to the lack of maturity of the skeleton. It is manifested by pain on palpation (in contact with the bone, insertion zone) and pain on contraction.

To solve the problem of the enthesis irrigation deficit, the MIX mode (Hi-RET + Hi-TENS) will be the most efficient. This will generate strong heat and has excellent drainage virtues. More broadly, this mode is also recommended for deep contracturesmuscle stiffness and deep vascularization.

You would like to know more about this device or test it? If you suffer from tendinopathy and would like to be treated by a physiotherapist with HI-TENS BY R-SHOCK, please contact us!

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